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The Pros and Cons of Garage Styles

As you search for your favorite house plan, you might notice the multitude of options for garages. From front entry to detached, there are many different ways to customize your house plan and while the size and layout of your … Continue reading

Top Three Reasons to Build Your Own Home

The dream of homeownership continues to course through our veins as it has for millennia; the human desire and ability to own a home offers considerable benefits beyond just financial security and comfort. Aside from having a place to store … Continue reading

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

As you begin planning the details of your new home, one of the most exciting opportunities lies in the ability to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home. Outdoor living spaces are an extension of the home … Continue reading

How to design your kitchen in your favorite style

Designing your dream kitchen allows you to set the tone for designing the rest of the house. Plus its loads of fun! This crucial room not only has the superpower of providing a fabulous meal but can also create an … Continue reading

Why Choose A Small House Plan?

Across the country, you’ll find smaller house plans growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons. While luxury homes are a dream come true, smaller house plans can give you and your family benefits that larger homes cannot. From reduced … Continue reading

Why Choose a Narrow Lot House Plan?

Finding the right lot of land to build on is the first step in the home building process. The slope, location, and size of the lot help determine which house plan you build. If you have acres to build on, … Continue reading

Drawbacks to Mass Produced Homes

Mass production has brought us increasingly lower prices on the products we purchase.  From T.V.’s to toilet paper, economies of scale continue to bring us a higher standard of living at a lower cost.  Unfortunately when it comes to new … Continue reading

Choosing Affordable Home Plans

Follow these tips to choose the best affordable small home plans for your family! Continue reading

Home Design Plans for Everyone in a Small Family

Our small house designs are ideal for individuals, couples or small families, and you’ll find a wide variety of styles and features to suit your needs. Continue reading

Why choose a house plan with a mudroom?

Sometimes, it really is the little things, that make a house a home. When choosing the right house plan for your future, most people focus on the really big ideas or design elements but it’s usually the simple spaces that … Continue reading