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1,000 - 1,500 Square Feet Home Designs

America's Best House Plans is delighted to offer some of the industry leading designers/architects for our collection of small house plans.  These plans are offered to you in order that you may, with confidence, shop for a floor/house plan that is conducive to your family's needs and lifestyle. America's Best House Plans offers a range of floor plans exceptionally designed in order to offer comfort, versatility and style. They feature affordable design materials and maximum housing options such as bedroom and bathroom size and number, outdoor living spaces and a variety of dining and kitchen options. Some homeowners are realizing that living large does not necessarily translate into "bigger is better." 

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Whether your decision to live small is voluntary or predicated on job relocation or a life event out of your control, America's Best House Plans can assist you in choosing a small house option. Benefits abound when choosing a smaller floor plan; i.e. ~ reduction of costs, energy and resources of living a cozy lifestyle.  Additionally, the reduction of stress, maintenance and upkeep of a smaller home will increase your happiness quotient and add to your peace of mind along with prioritizing your life and bringing only what is necessary into your new home. Creativity will also be an attribute when designing your smaller home and we strive to assist you and help you embrace your creativity in your home design options. Beautiful design is consistently defined by functionality and inspiration and we are committed to achieving that goal with and, for you, at America's Best House Plans.