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Searching for your dream house - the house that combines high quality architectural design with the elegance and cultivated beauty of an estate residence - is simple and easy as you browse through America's Best House Plans Exclusive House Plan collection. Do you enjoy finding interesting design features that no one else has? Do you love the idea of having a house plan design that is unique to your neighborhood? This interesting, progressive collection includes an array of choices, representing a wide variety from which to choose. Features of exclusive house plans typically include:

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  • Unexpected, interesting details. The exterior facades of these exclusive house plans vary greatly, and many offer high quality details.
  • Varied styles and square footage. These exclusive house plans utilize a variety of architectural styles, and they represent an array of sizes to meet the needs of your family.

Exclusive to America's Best House Plans. Our collection of Exclusive house plans is only available through our site. Browse our Exclusive House Plan collection to find the unique plan that is right for your family.