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America's Best House Plans

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Exclusive House Plans

Do you enjoy finding exciting design features that no one else has? Do you love having a house plan design unique to your neighborhood? This fascinating, progressive collection of exclusive, individual house plans includes an array of choices, representing a wide variety of homes from which to choose.

Searching for your dream house - the house that combines high-quality architectural design with the elegance and cultivated beauty of an estate residence - is simple and easy as you browse through America's Best House Plans exclusive house plan collection.

Features of unique house plans typically include: 

  • Unexpected, exciting details. The exterior facades of these exclusive house plans vary greatly, and many offer high-quality details.
  • Varied styles and square footage. These plans utilize a variety of architectural styles, and they represent an array of sizes to meet your family's needs.

Browse our exclusive house plan collection to find the right plan for your family.

What are exclusive house plans?

Exclusive house plans are unique house designs created by top architects and designers. They come in all styles and sizes, from luxurious estates to cozy cottages. These plans often have special features and amenities, such as open floor plans, large windows, and modern finishes. They offer a great way to create an exclusive, personalized home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

How do I find the perfect plans for my house?

To find the perfect plans for your house, start by considering your family's lifestyle and needs. Think about the size and layout of the home you want and research the different floor plan options available. Look for a plan that utilizes the space efficiently, has the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and can accommodate your family's lifestyle. Next, consider the style and materials of the home, and make sure the plan meets your budget. Lastly, consult an experienced home designer or architect to help you decide which exclusive house plan is the perfect fit.

What are the standard features of a house plan?  

House plans typically include dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods, and techniques.

They will also include site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, foundation plans, framing plans, roof plans, interior elevations, detail drawings, schedules for elements such as windows and doors, structural layouts, electrical and telecoms drawings, plumbing schematic drawings, and subdivision plans.

What kind of floor plan is the most commonly used?

Two types of floor plans are most commonly used in the United States: contemporary and traditional. If the home design you're looking for is something out of the ordinary, you'll want to avoid those designs and look at more unique house plans.

Can I design my house plans?

Yes, you can design your house plans, but it's always advised to start with one of our stock plans and our Modification Team to ensure the design choices you make on your house plan will work within building codes and be structurally sound.

What is the most cost-effective house design?

The most cost-effective house design is the simplest, meaning house plans with a simple square or rectangular footprint will cost less than a plan with any curved or oddly angled elements. But, of course, size is also a cost factor, so if you want to keep the price down but still want something one-of-a-kind, try looking at unique small house plans.

What adds the most significant value to a house?

The biggest value-adds to a house are energy efficiency, added square footage, upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, and integrated smart-home technology. Consider incorporating some of these features into exclusive house plans to maintain the value of your home after it's been built.


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