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Country house plans represent a wide range of home styles, but they almost always evoke feelings of nostalgia, Americana, and a relaxing, comfortable lifestyle choice. Initially born out of necessity during the establishment of farming communities, this style is often built by those desiring to live rural lifestyles with love for the land and all the possibilities it represents. However, the modern country style supports the needs of families who desire to be closer to cities and established suburban areas yet still want to recreate the feeling of country living without the full farm lifestyle.

In response to the continued interest in country-style house plans, our collection offers some definite hallmarks of this lifestyle, including wrap-around porches, large, functional kitchens, and plenty of space to gather with friends and family. The wrap-around porches are especially notable in our collection as they offer a generous amount of outdoor space to comfortably relax and entertain while maintaining a casual atmosphere most often associated with this country living.

If you’re not interested in country house plans with wrap-around porches, there is usually at least some type of covered front porch and/or rear covered or screened porch as well. These exterior elements make country house plans easily recognizable, as do the use of overhead window dormers, gabled rooflines, and abundant window views. Adding some type of outdoor living space promotes the idea of casual living by highlighting the indoor/outdoor living space as a seamless design element that provides a welcoming place for all to gather.

Kitchens are a central design feature in many country house floor plans. Family and friends can gather comfortably in these warm and inviting spaces and participate in the conversation, meal preparation, or dining together. Most kitchens in country house plans feature enough space for a large farmhouse table, offer warm wood detailing, and incorporate classic farm, apron, or old-fashioned porcelain sinks that are particularly well suited for these types of kitchens.

Built for a comfortable and family-friendly lifestyle, country house plans feature layouts that are highlighted with plenty of space to enjoy gathering with family and friends, even in a single-story layout. One-story plans can be sprawling and often incorporate large, well-laid-out rooms which are well-suited to a casual way of life into the home’s interior.

Typically, if there is a second floor available, it is usually much smaller than the main floor of the home and offers additional bedrooms and a bath. More modern country house plans may even include a flex space, loft, or some type of multi-purpose room designed to grow with your family and their needs over time.

Explore our country house plans collection and see how they fit a wide range of styles, square footage, and price points.

What are country-style house plans?

Country-style house plans frequently feature the following design elements:

  •         Wrap-around porch or front and rear porches
  •         Large, functional kitchen
  •         Evenly spaced windows
  •         Gabled roof
  •         Central door

What makes a country house a country house?

Country house plans are similar to farmhouse-style homes, making the designs relatively close in style and appearance. The color palates are muted and natural, and the accents and décor will look more antique or distressed.

What is modern country style?

While combining modern and country design aesthetics might almost seem contradictory, the two can work together well. Modern country style strips away a lot of the “busyness” that comes with traditional country style and leaves just the most beautiful pieces that highlight the natural, organic elements of country living, then pairs it with simple, chic décor that further highlights it.

What are Low Country house plans?

Low country house plans are typically only found in Southern, marshy climates and differ quite a bit from country house plans. Low country house plans are more like coastal house plans because they’re frequently raised and resting on piers to capture cooling breezes and prevent flooding of the main house.

What is the difference between a French Country and an English country house?

While French country house plans and English country house plans have quite a bit in common, they do have some differences. One of the most distinctive differences between the two architectural styles is that French country homes have tall second-story windows while English country homes have windows that tend to be more squared off. French country homes are usually built with brick or stucco, while English country homes are built with timber, stone, and stucco.


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