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Committed, talented and continually tested, we are a family run house plan broker boutique specializing in high quality house designs that have been purchased and built in nearly every state in the U.S., as well as globally. With over 35 years of experience, our family-based business invites you to co-create with us, using YOUR vision and innovative spirit when designing your dream home. America's Best House Plans and the American dream of home ownership - two ideas intertwined like apple pie and the American flag.

Home ownership remains the cornerstone of the American Dream and America's Best House Plans stands committed and devoted to assisting our customers in turning their vision into reality.


We have partnered with hundreds of architects and designers to capture the imagination and innovative spirit that define the dream of home ownership. Our designs are easy to read, versatile and affordable. This creative spirit assists our customers in discovering their perfect house plan by giving them full choice and reign over the outcome of their designs. Our extensive collection of house plans are suitable for all lifestyles, feature in excess of 18,000 house plans, and are easily viewed and readily available when you begin the process of building your dream home.


Brandon Hall, Owner

Brandon Hall


Our "go to guy" and company expert, Brandon is the visionary and dreamer of all we do here at America's Best House Plans. He manages quality assurance, audits existing processes for maximum effectiveness, and develops strategies to increase productivity and efficiency. With over 15 years experience in the home design industry, Brandon has a hand in every aspect of the day-to-day operations of our company, in addition to ensuring an unparalleled level of service to our customers.

Favorite Style: Modern Farmhouse
Favorite Plan: 5631-00061

Mark Hall, Owner

Mark Hall


Mark is a Certified Professional Building Designer with over 35 years experience in home design and drafting services. He possesses a wide range of experience and expertise in single family home designs and is the "resident guru" for all our technical questions and home building trends. As such, Mark provides final approval of all new designer plans and consistently strives to stay current with market trends that affect home building design and construction methods. Mark also oversees the accounting and finance departments.

Favorite Style: Craftsman
Favorite Plan: 009-00203

Cynthia Picket

Cynthia Pickett

"Jill of all Trades"

Cynthia is our "Jill of all trades" with a wealth of knowledge specific to our company and brand who is laser focused on providing extraordinary customer service and a positive house plan buying experience for our customers. An adept problem solver with a passion for people, she oversees many different aspects of customer service, sales and content creation.

Favorite Style: Cottages/Bungalows
Favorite Plan: 009-00121

Shawn Hoffman

Shawn Hoffman

Team Lead/POC

Shawn is the Team Lead/POC for all team members and oversees a variety of company goals. He creates/leads an inspiring team environment and truly enjoys helping people. With an affinity for problem solving, Shawn leads his team in providing excellent customer service, oversees plan publishing, is a sales leader and is our team expert in the modification process.

Favorite Style: Modern/Contemporary
Favorite Plan: 028-00067

Meghan Stoneburner

Meghan Stoneburner

Marketing Director

With an eye for detail and an innovative approach, Meghan oversees all aspects of social media, email marketing and the blog in order to enhance and personalize our customer experience. She is a valuable member of our team that coordinates the development, implementation and administration of all marketing programs supporting the company's vision and objectives.

Favorite Style: Modern/Contemporary
Favorite Plan: 9401-00003

Brent Wicker

Brent Wicker

Customer Service

Brent is skilled in Photoshop and enjoys providing outstanding customer service through many different platforms to our clients. Our newest team member, Brent displays a passion for customer service and having "grown up" with technology, he is an invaluable team member in terms of solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Favorite Style: Ranch/Craftsman
Favorite Plan: 699-00011

Brianna Bonner

Briana Bonner

Marketing Assistant

As our marketing assistant, Briana keeps a keen eye on the wants and needs of our customers. She assists with the implementation of marketing campaigns, supports market research analysis, and assists with all aspects of social media. Briana uses this knowledge to provide excellent customer service, effectively serving our customers and business models daily.

Favorite Style: Mountain
Favorite Plan: 5631-00110

Don Hall

Don Hall

Sales Executive

Don has an extensive background in corporate America and continues to provide outstanding insight and assistance to management in terms of content creation and plan publishing. Take it or leave it - Don loves big homes with porches and water views to relax in and watch his grandchildren play.

Favorite Style: Southern
Favorite Plan: 4766-00151

Ashley McMillan

Ashley McMillan

Builder Relations

Ashley is committed to providing excellent customer service and achieving customer satisfaction with prompt and creative solutions. She is the point of contact for the day to day business relationships with builders and contractors, in order to proactively offer this segment of customers innovation solutions to their business challenges.

Favorite Style: Ranch/Craftsman
Favorite Plan: 699-00011