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Do your personal passions include modern art, original design, and unique architectural features? Are you searching for a way to create an efficient living space that reflects your passion for modern design? Setting yourself apart and expressing your individuality may lead you to build a modern home. Many home plan designs in this category feature a look and feel that expresses a value for energy efficiency, unique use of space, and exterior and interior features of a modern persuasion. Modern house plans available on America's Best House Plans range the gambit in terms of very modern and completely original to traditional home plans with lots of modern details.

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Modern House Plans Often Feature:

  • Energy efficient spaces with large windows to let in light and efficient, creative use of space. Modern home plans provide larger, open areas that oftentimes use less energy and take advantage of natural light available. These open spaces often include a living room, dining area, and open kitchen.
  • Clean exterior and interior lines. Modern home plans tend to feature very clean horizontal and vertical lines, often with architectural features accenting the overall design.
  • Large windows. Many modern home plans favor larger, longer single pane windows that can often span the entire length or height of the home. These windows let in lots of light and set modern homes apart from more traditional designs.
  • Industrial-looking materials. Modern home plans tend to call for the use of a greater number of industrial materials. These types of materials create a sense of minimalism.

America's Best House Plans' modern home plans reflect a value for art and efficiency. Created and designed with quality and craftsmanship central to the process, our modern home plans provide a sense of calm, peace, and order. Search our collection based upon your needs in terms of specifications and space.