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Are you searching for unique and creative spaces designed to spark your imagination and passion while reflecting your personal sense of style and individuality? Modern house plans cover a broad range of ideas, concepts and principles available in the home design industry. Many home designs in this category feature a look and feel that expresses a value for energy efficiency, a unique use of space, and exterior and interior features of a modern persuasion.

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These homes are valuable insights into the hearts and minds of their owners; people who love to bend the rules, enjoy an obvious departure from the “norm” and revel in the sharp departure from traditional styled home designs. Modern house plans, at their most basic, break with the past and embody the post Industrial Age with an absence of trim and detail work, perhaps, a stucco or industrial exterior and/or corresponding interior elements, expansive glass inserts resulting in panoramic views, open floor plans and a sense of lightness and breathability. Double corner windows, cantilevered overhangs, voluminous ceiling heights and asymmetrical design elements also add flair and drama to Modern house plans.

Some of the key characteristics of Modern house plans are:         

  • Clean, straight lines both on the exterior and interior        
  • Lack of ornamentation on moldings, trim work, windows, doors and walls        
  • Use of metal, chrome, concrete and other industrial labeled materials        
  • Simple forms        
  • Functional spaces        
  • Geometric forms/shapes: emphasis of rectangular, horizontal and vertical lines         
  • Flat roofs        
  • Large expanses of glass inserts        
  • Functional spaces        
  • Open floor plans with few walls        
  • Energy efficient and creative use of space

Exterior Design Features

Oftentimes, millennials or younger Americans are desirous of Modern house plans and the in-town/urban property lots they typically are situated on. These urban lots are usually much smaller than suburban properties and may feature a basement and perhaps, a drive-under garage. The basement adds extra living space to the accompanying vertical space the home features and a drive-under garage can be a real luxury for in-town living. If property space allows, the home may offer an attached or semi-attached garage or there may be only street parking if the home is built without a garage or carport. A nice feature of the modern exterior is the use of a second story cantilever which can create carport space for parking or even expand the outdoor living space.

These narrow lots are frequently quite scenic as fully matured trees and landscapes are usually found in urban areas. These areas may have continued to prosper or may have been previously abandoned and going through a re-birth; either way, these narrow and scenic lots offer a plethora of panoramic viewing opportunities for the homeowners and their guests. The incorporation of expansive glass inserts into the home’s exterior showcases a modern flair and drama into the space and those stunning window views whether floor-to-ceiling inserts, transom windows or dormer/window sheds add warmth, light and visual interest to the home. Flat roofs, industrial design elements such as steel, concrete or chrome may adorn the exterior and some of the design elements can be copied and carried into the interior space making for a cohesive, unified home structure. Atop this landscape, the Modern house plan is designed to be super slick, clean lined and raw in its value and surroundings; a direct result of its ability to offer stunning and expressive exterior and interior components.

Interior Design Features

Modern house plans are no different than any other plan in terms of offering luxurious exterior and interior design elements or at the opposite end of the spectrum, their less ostentatious counterpoints. These homes can be large with expansive floor plans and still be considered minimalist in their design approach or they can be smaller homes that offer more compact floor plans and bold, luxuriously appointed spaces. Modern interior design is more of a spectrum than a style; there is room and opportunity for a multitude of design options, from the bare bones basics, ultra-minimalist layout to the bold, highly polished interior design elements.

There is usually an open floor plan, which unites the family entertaining and living spaces that is highlighted with clean lines, an absence of walls, doors or hallways, and sparse furniture collections and color. Human comfort and energy efficiency are at the forefront of open floor plans with their generous and well-proportioned window views, their overall sense of minimalism and a definite “less is more” mentality.

Home Styles and Square Footage Range

Modern house plans can be styled to suit a vast array of home types; Ranch house plans, two story plans and/or luxury or small interior layouts. This suitability to different home styles is advantageous for the homeowner as almost any personal style can be incorporated into the home’s exterior and/or interior to create meaningful interior spaces and exteriors which highlight and capture the imagination. These homes are simple in structure, style and form and can offer a myriad of architectural design characteristics that embody highly structured geometric forms that lend visual interest and perspective to the home. From Art Deco to the iconic Brady Bunch home, Modern house plans have been on the American home scene for decades and will continue to offer alternative examples of expression for today’s homeowners. America’s Best House Plans features an exciting collection of square footage ranges within the Modern house plan category; from a modest 99 square feet to a substantial, almost 9,000 square foot plan, with an average range somewhere along 2,200 square feet of living space; definitely, “something” for everyone.


Generous use of glass and natural sunlight are key characteristics of the Modern House Plans as are dramatic views of their scenic and oftentimes, narrow property lots. Simple, yet sophisticated floor plans, honest and valuable design materials along with strong, crisp lines offer aesthetically pleasing homes in which to live, raise a family and enjoy your preferred lifestyle.