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Modern and elegant design features set our contemporary house plans apart. At America's Best House Plans, our desire is to provide a high level of accessibility to high quality, progressive house plans. Our contemporary house plan collection provides that accessibility to those looking for a modern plan from which to build a new house. Does your family thrive on unique, creative design elements? Are you searching for a plan that reflects a modern, contemporary sensibility? Our contemporary house plans provide these types of features coupled with high quality architectural design.

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Your contemporary dream house is within reach! Our array of plans provides options in a range of sizes from which to choose. America's Best
House Plans contemporary plans feature:

  • Spacious, open floor plans. Modern and elegant design often results in very open floor plans. These open spaces set contemporary house plans apart, making them feel very large without necessarily significantly increasing square footage.
  • Large, tall windows. Many contemporary house plans provide very long, tall windows, letting in lots of natural light and creating a very clean appearance.
  • Clean, straight lines. In terms of design, manycontemporary house plans provide lots of right angles and straight lines, thereby creating a very clean look and feel throughout the house.

As you search for just the right plan, sort our contemporary house plans by size or popularity to find the one that meets your needs.