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Contemporary house plans result in a broad spectrum of architectural styles and is a dynamic and fluid category; ever changing and evolving, reflecting sweeping changes in design principles and construction methods. Contemporary house plans represent a wide breadth of style features due to the fact that today’s architects are embodied with a varying span of influences, diverse building materials and design principles. Although, they are seemingly held together without a true sense of stylistic coherence, Contemporary house plans do have a distinct feel to them which loosely follows prior Modern architecture that originally broke from Traditional home designs following the Industrial Revolution of the early 20th century. Designed to be functional and versatile, Contemporary house plans feature floor plans that are most often open with common family spaces to entertain and relax in, great transitional indoor/outdoor space and exteriors marked by intentional asymmetrical facades, flat roofs and innovative design materials.

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Some key characteristics of Contemporary house plans are:

  • Irregular, asymmetrical façades
  • Strong, geometric shaped exteriors
  • Flexible layouts with open floor plans
  • Large windows, often placed non-symmetrically
  • Light filled interiors
  • Large, irregular shaped windows
  • One or more stories
  • Innovative building materials
  • Eco friendly, natural building materials
  • Sustainable building components
  • Large and/or multiple outdoor spaces that include courtyards, lanais and patios


Contemporary house plans typically display an exterior with an absence of ornamentation, large and varied expanses of glass inserts, brick or perhaps, stonework and miscellaneous mixed metals. Additionally, one of the most unique exterior features of Contemporary house plans are their flat or sloped rooflines which along with expansive window views produce open, airy and grand interiors. These sophisticated exteriors oftentimes feature experimental exterior coverings that create new state-of-the-art architecture. This imaginative approach to homebuilding is highlighted with new home ideas cohesively blending with timeless design efforts and materials in a beautiful pattern. Exterior highlights may include a series of boxy spaces, some type of mixed siding that is usually sleek featuring clean lines, and/or contemporary wood/timber exteriors that can also be a stylish exterior choice. Aluminum and/or steel external wall element features can appeal to those looking for an industrial or retro finish and both are strong, weather resistant materials. Solid stone walls can provide architectural interest and character to a home’s façade and blend well with various other design materials. Smooth stucco exterior wall framing is another popular design choice when constructing a Contemporary home; it’s heavily textured surface is an ideal choice for a visually pleasing exterior with loads of curb appeal. The durability of stucco is long lasting, it is resistance to decay and its simple maintenance, even in the harshest of climates, can’t be beat. Mass produced and readily available, this variety of exterior finishes can offer an edgy aesthetically pleasing exterior that can be used to create a unique look and feel to today’s Contemporary homes.

Interior floor plans

Contemporary house plans unite the interior rooms into a cohesive space mixing old and new design principles, adding a heightened sense of airiness and blending a wide assortment of natural materials beautifully. This grand living experience offers an ideal floor plan that is iconic, features a blurring of boundary walls and is highlighted with light and airy rooms, replacing small, dark rooms of previous decades. Today’s Contemporary plans run the gamut in terms of small or large floor plans with a single story or perhaps, two or more stories. Whether you’re seeking to construct a luxury home offering thousands of square feet or a simply constructed home with minimal square footage, our Contemporary house plans feature an impressive approach to home building while offering a diverse mix of architectural design elements. Neutral color tones of white, black, brown and gray are often employed on the interior surfaces; walls, floors, lighting and furnishings are suitable natural and/or organic backdrops for the addition of accent colors throughout the home. This “contemporary” age of living and its reflective home materials give a relaxed, yet sophisticated, feel to the home’s interior by featuring minimal lines, less cluttered interiors and highly versatile and functional floor plans for today’s modern homeowners.

Contemporary house plans emphasize a real and direct connection between the interior and exterior spaces of the home. Patio sliders, oversized and multiple windows views, movable partitions, folding interior/exterior door systems, pocket doors and non-load bearing walls highlight the need for indoor and outdoor space arrangements. One of the more important features of Contemporary homes is the ability to use natural light as a solar source of energy and/or to make full use of interior light whether by the presence of large windows in uncommon positions, panoramic window walls or ample skylights.

Size and Style

America’s Best House Plans features an elevated level of accessibility to high quality Contemporary house plans that are innovative, creative and unique for today’s homeowners. We offer a wide range of floor plan styles and size; the smallest plan in terms of square footage is 631 and the largest floor plan is highlighted with almost 7,700 square feet with an average range of somewhere between 1,800 – 3,200 square feet of living space. There is an impressive array of exterior finishes for these house plans that feature eclectic design choices for almost any homeowner.

Outdoor Space

A keen emphasis is placed on outdoor space and the possibility of entertaining large groups of family and friends or perhaps, just a relaxing space for the family to dine al fresco or enjoy one another’s company at the end of a long day. These outdoor spaces can be simply adorned or lavishly highlighted with outdoor kitchens, complete outdoor dining and living rooms and warming fireplaces to accompany regional climates. Many Contemporary home designs seek a fellowship with nature in both the materials used as well as the ideal constructed using an organic landscape plan as well as natural decking/outdoor entertaining options to create a sense of harmony and peace.


Contemporary design architecture is based on an ideal shared by those who practice it as well as those who actively participate in its creation: the need and will to design something unique and beautiful, to build and appreciate architecture that is distinctly different from the past and to comfortably embrace the use of new materials for both the interior and exterior of the home. Contemporary architecture is innovative, creative and dynamic; always changing and being challenged by visionary and cutting edge methods and principles of design rather than the standard and prevailing sense of yesterday’s customary architecture. This “open-minded” style of home design can easily incorporate your particular style and personality in a whimsical and “light-hearted” manner conducive to current lifestyle concepts of modern day living.