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Imagine your dream house - does it revolve around a desire to live in a small house? Are you seeking to build a cozy cottage with energy efficient features? Or a small bungalow that maximizes space and accents the surrounding landscape? Our collection of small house plans provides many house plans with features such as these - additionally, many families select small house plans to reduce building costs without sacrificing their desire for high quality materials. Our small house plans typically feature:

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  • Outdoor living space. Whether a back deck or an expansive front porch, our small house plans often provide for additional outdoor living space directly off of the house's interiors.
  • Open floor plans. Small house plans work well with open floor plans, as this type of design feature maximizes space and allows for ease of use while entertaining a large party or simply spending time with family after dinner.
  • Bonus rooms. Many small house plans include some type of bonus room to be used for any given purpose. This type of room provides for flexibility, while maintaining a commitment to keeping the size down.
  • Efficient use of energy and materials. Small house plans are, by very nature, more efficient, particularly when it comes to energy and water usage. Additionally, small house plans typically use less materials while building, keeping costs lower.

As you search our vast collection of small house plans, consider searching by size or style, based upon your family's needs and your own preferences.