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Never underestimate the potential of a simple, affordable house plan whether this is your first home build or perhaps, your last, as you downsize. Building your dream home doesn’t have to be an arduous and expensive task when there are simple and affordable plans at your fingertips. As land and budget costs escalate, having a plan to combat these rising costs is essential and one of the primary tools at your disposal is the Cost to Build Report. This report is simple to use and affords you peace of mind before you begin any phase of the planning and/or construction process. With the rising cost of land and materials, knowing beforehand, what you’re able to afford in terms of materials becomes increasingly important. Small house designs featuring simple construction principles, open floor plans and smaller footprints help achieve a great home at affordable pricing. These smaller designs with less square footage to heat and cool and their relatively simple footprints can keep material and heating/cooling costs down making the entire process stress free and fun. We are proud to offer a Cost to Build report on each plan detail page, which is located under the floor plan and features two accompanying videos and a sample report to assist in your decision making.

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Affordable and Easy to Build

Maximizing living space with open floor plans and budget friendly design ideas is a great way to produce affordable and easy to build homes. Flexible and casual oftentimes, these homes are a testament to living an unencumbered and imaginative life where living large and extravagantly is a mind set and not a budget busting reality. Comfortable, like a well worn sweater, these designs offer an uncomplicated yet, stylish footprint with great living space in a compact environment. An open floor plan with living, dining, and kitchen space co-existing makes for wonderful memories and a life conducive to entertaining while living well and intentionally as you host family and friends. Frequently, Small House Plans offer flex spaces; those small yet, important segments of space that allow you to creatively use space that is both meaningful and impactful to your family. Need space for the children’s toys while they’re young, need a homework station as they age, maybe a home office or family command center; all of these are affordable and relevant options as your family adjusts to their lifestyle needs over time.

Porches – Farmhouse, Screened, Wraparound

Perhaps, one of the most important features for a small house plan is its ability to basically double or triple its size with the addition of outdoor space. Multiple outdoor areas grant homeowners the opportunity to enjoy more livable space while connecting the indoor and outdoor areas for valuable entertaining options. Long lazy afternoons reading or porch napping can contribute to a sense of well-being and communion with self, nature and community. Those front and rear porches that either stand alone or wrap around the home’s exterior feature endless possibilities to reconnect with nature especially if lush gardens and fragrant flowers flood your senses. Sliding glass doors, door panels and folding doors are smart additions to a basic, smaller footprint and a budget friendly way to connect the indoor and outdoor space while adding curb appeal and drama. Frequently, one or more rear outdoor spaces can be utilized as a screened porch or sunroom; great extra space for seasonal year-round use whether as protection from the “elements” or to idly spend the day.

Rustic Ranch Plans

While not always enjoying a symbiotic relationship; oftentimes, Small House Plans are one story ranch layouts and perhaps, fashioned in a rustic manner. These homes feature affordable layouts whether used as a primary or vacation residence and contain open living areas with flex rooms and outdoor access. Rustic equates to cozy and with small plans, you want the home to feel luxuriously large, yet cozy and those rustic elements can add just the right touch. These idyllic dwellings and their simple yet, captivating architecture can spark a charming and homey texture to the entire home, inside and out. Typically displaying wood or stone facades, gabled roofs, and arched doorways, these warm and petite house designs showcase picture-perfect charm.

Basements, Lofts and Narrow Lots

An open floor plan promotes easy living and family connections with an emphasis on convenience and relaxation. Smart design features such as overhead lofts and terrace level living space offer a spectacular way to get creative while designing small house plans. Basements have long offered additional living space to the main floor and today’s lofts can be all the space needed overhead while adding drama and private space to a more intimate floor plan. Compact living space is often the reality when dealing with narrow lots yet, the addition of overhead and below ground living space is an answer to creating cohesive yet, spacious house flow. An easy going casual layout can allow the interior to feel breezy, bright and much larger than it is and large outdoor spaces can really open up the home and literally change the composition and fabric of the home; not to mention, all the light that can ultimately pour into the home’s interior.

Garage and Carports

Although comprised of less square footage, Small House Plans continue to need space for automobiles and other family owned necessities; lawn and garden equipment, sporting equipment and even tools and other household items that need a place to be stored. While many Small House Designs may forgo the traditional attached garage, many may also include a detached garage or perhaps, even a carport. Weather can be brutal and every attempt can be made to protect what has now become quite a pricey investment, the All-American family car; whether, an SUV, a huge two or three ton truck or even the trusty family sedan. Quite often, a carport can accomplish the job of protecting the family automobile without the need for an enclosed garage.


From Classic to Contemporary, Small House Plans make use of every inch of space to provide luxurious living on a smaller scale. These homes are creatively composed, thoughtfully designed and brimming with character and style; intentional living at its finest. America’s Best House Plans puts great care and thought into the homes we feature and offer to our customers ensuring that plan and lifestyle needs are met and frequently exceeded. These homes continue to provide the cornerstone to the American dream; a targeted investment where family and friends can gather in comfort for fellowship and community support.