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House Plans With In-Law Suites

Families come in all sizes and shapes; why shouldn’t the homes they live in do the same? Well, surprisingly, this is quickly becoming the case as multi-generational living arrangements/floor plans are taking the country by storm. Oftentimes, these homes are ideal for today’s modern families where adult children return home, older parents move in with their adult children or families need to maximize their living space to accommodate long term visits from various family members or guests. Although, there are stressors involved, these multi-generational homes can ultimately prove to be low stress environments where expenses are shared, Mom or Dad can stay together and be cared for by one another or other family members, strong bonds between grandparents and grandchildren are forged and shared burdens are lessened. Frequently, these multi-generational house plans include in-law suites which can accommodate a wide range of arrangements for independent living. A whopping 64 million Americans, almost 20% of the population, live with multiple generations under the same roof and this despite great economic improvements from the early 2000’s.

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Benefits of In-Law Suites

While there are quite a few reasons as to the why of the situation, the majority of multi-generational homes are conceived from the standpoint of saved money and shared expenses/burdens placed on the family. Families living in multi-generational homes are less likely to live in poverty than those living in single family homes within their own nuclear family. Shared costs across the board; mortgage, utilities, groceries and the like are significantly lowered when there are two distinct families living together. Childcare expenses can be astronomical and a real strain on anyone’s budget but if grandma and grandpa are able to assist with day care or even, after school care, a large financial burden is lifted off the family. Additionally, in-law suites accommodating aging parents are considerably less expensive than having to place Mom or Dad or both in an assisted living facility. Ultimately, multiple generations with many family members living under one roof can mean significant cost savings and a sharing of the family duties for a more manageable and rewarding life.

Functional Floor Plans

Typically, homes with in-law suites, are larger than single family houses due to the fact there is more square footage involved and more individuals living in them. Because there are a variety of ages and interests, these family members may have different housing/floor plan requirements so it’s best for all involved to have a say in what type of floor plan would work best. Another consideration is the length of time these homes may house multiple generations or different family members and the importance of choosing the right floor plan so the home/floor plan doesn’t become obsolete. These homes need to be versatile, feature private living and sleeping quarters and still be aesthetically pleasing and functional. While your parents/in-laws may be healthy and not need assistance now, the future may hold something entirely different and, at some point, your grown child/children may move out.

Floor plans that include in-law suites can accommodate large or multiple generation families under one roof and there is an endless amount of options when designing them. America’s Best House Plans features house plans with first floor in-law suites in close proximity to private garages; perfect for active adults and some even have private entry/exit points with kitchens and laundry facilities making it almost completely independent of the remainder of the home. If able to navigate stairs, some in-law suites could be located on the second floor or perhaps, even on the lower level for aging parents and certainly, this option would be ideal for a returning adult child.

Other situations may call for an in-law suite close to other family members for those who aren’t quite as able to navigate complete care of themselves or their surroundings. As the population ages, more families will become caregivers to their elderly parents or in-laws so the importance of independent or semi-independent living becomes a reality for generations of family members. These house plans with in-law suites offer a variety of options that can be customized to each individual family’s needs and personal preferences.

Style and Square Footage

In-law suites can be found in all types of home styles and sizes and America’s Best House Plans offers plans from 948 square feet of living space to in excess of 11,000 square feet; something for everyone.


In-law suite house plans fit our modern day concept of increased connectivity; a place where our parents or in-laws can age in place, our adult children can return or just luxury accommodations for visiting family and/or house guests. Regardless of the situation, today’s in-law suite plans offer flexibility and privacy for Mom or Dad, your children or guests with a multitude of benefits both to the family and society. Contrary to believed limitations, these in-law suite plans are some of the most versatile type of homes, allowing for accommodations for a wide variety of family members and guests who temporarily or long-term find themselves living together without giving up any of the luxuries or conveniences homeowners have come to expect.