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As the famous naturalist John Muir once stated, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” This calling rings in the ears of those who long for an escape to the untamed spaces nestled in the mountains. To many, the hidden valleys offer a breather from the rest of the world and are the perfect place to build a sanctuary. Mountain house plans provide families with a relaxing and magical setting to grow, breathe, and enjoy life.

Whether this mountain home will be your primary residence, a property designed for rental income, or a vacation house, our collection of mountain house plans provides an endless array of options from which to choose to complement any lifestyle.

You’ll notice that many of our mountain plans include a basement foundation. Not only does this foundation offer a great advantage to the often sloped lots found throughout the hillside, but it also provides additional living space to that takes advantage of the scenic views. A walkout basement is ideal for multi-generational living as it provides separate and private entrances for different family members if an in-law or teenage suite is desired. This private space also allows for the use of plenty of outdoor space that may mirror the main floor’s outdoor living space; either way, it’s a great alternative for extended families and difficult and/or sloping lots. For ease of movement and comfort, these designs can easily incorporate a residential elevator into the floor plan.

As you envision the design of your dream mountain home plan, It’s important to consider the extreme weather conditions, difficult terrain, and perhaps even problematic site access. You don’t get mountain house plans with a view without overcoming a few obstacles in the planning and execution stages.

The good news is that we can assist you with myriad choices for those challenging and complex issues. Our modification services can make changes to any existing plan to meet the needs of your home's terrain, code, or tastes.


What is mountain-style architecture?

While mountain-style architecture is not technically a true architectural style, mountain home floor plans conjure an image of centuries-old America and a sense of history. To appeal to the historical nature of these plans oftentimes, they are true ranch-style homes featuring one story of well-blended accommodations for families. A variation of this may be mountain ranch house plans with a lower-level terrace for casual and creative living that can include large centrally located recreation rooms, game rooms, an exercise room, a home office, and additional bedrooms and baths.

What is a mountain house design?

The key elements in a mountain house design are expansive views, fresh air, and sunshine. As you choose your home plan, you too can capitalize on your sense of adventure, personal style, and love of eclectic and natural furnishings, both on the interior and exterior of the home.

These homes also feature appealing wood and stonework, expansive rear window views, and massive amounts of outdoor space in which to relax and entertain. Rugged design materials and visionary construction principles make these homes appealing to all homeowners.

America’s Best House Plans provides an exciting array of mountain house plans featuring a variety of design options that may include organic materials such as wood, stone, and brick that can be easily incorporated into these home builds, along with porches of all types, wraparound, rear view porches, and front covered porches.

What are mountain-style home floor plans?

Most mountain-style homes feature rustic materials and are designed for mountainous or rugged terrain with the ability to also be built on hillsides. They are a beautiful complement to the surrounding nature and usually incorporate some type of local and/or natural design materials. Large open floor plans, interior beams and logs, panoramic window views, and large outdoor spaces are the norm.

Extensive use of fireplaces on the interior and exterior add charm and coziness to the home while, simultaneously, a secondary source of heat that can be a welcome relief in some climates. Enhancing your entertainment space with multiple fireplaces is an excellent approach to bringing family and friends together, whether celebrating special occasions or hosting a Saturday evening cook-out.

What do you call a mountain home?

There are many names for a mountain home, including a cabin, mountain lodge, alpine hut, mountain shelter, and more. What’s more important is that there is no single definition of what a mountain home must look like, so when it comes to designing your mountain home, the sky, or the summit, is the limit.

What is a modern mountain home?

Modern mountain home plans combine the rustic elements of nature – wood, stone, sun, and air – with the stunning amenities that modern homes offer, including beautifully designed kitchens, living and dining areas, soaring ceiling heights, and luxurious bedrooms and baths.

What types of houses are built in the mountains?

Our mountain home plan collection includes floor plans of all sizes; small bungalow-type house plans, along with larger mountain chalet-type house plans, and everything in between. These plans vary in square footage from approximately 550 cozy square feet to a luxurious 10,000 plus square feet. While the plans range in size and shape, a large portion is built on basement foundations to accommodate the terrain, and many boast of thoughtful design choices to preserve the rustic and cozy feel of these homes.

What is mountain contemporary?

Mountain contemporary home plans are very similar to modern mountain homes in their design. They combine the traditional rustic elements of a mountain cabin, such as wood, steel, and stone, with modern minimalist aesthetics and clean lines.

What is the difference between a mountain house and a stilt house?

The main reason that stilt houses are still built is to protect the home from flooding in areas where heavy rainfall is a frequent occurrence. You’ll see stilt homes in coastal and subtropical areas for this reason. Why would you see a stilt house in the mountains? Sometimes stilt houses are built on steep, unstable, or rocky terrain. This allows the landscape to remain less impacted by the construction of a home. A mountain house will have a traditional solid foundation.

Are you ready to build the mountain home of your dreams? Browse our collection of plans and save your favorites today!


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