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Are you searching for the perfect house plan for your mountain residence? Whether this mountain house will be your primary residence, a property designed for rental income, or a vacation house, our collection of Mountain House Plans provides an array of options from which to choose.  Typically, Mountain House Plans can be built on varied elevations or sloped lots. Additional features of our Mountain House Plans collection may

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  • The use of natural materials. Many Mountain House Plans recommend the use of natural materials that blend in with the surrounding landscapes. Materials often include wood, stone, and bricks.
  • Decks and porches. Most all Mountain House Plans provide various outdoor spaces, with some including front porches and back decks. Wrap around porches are also a feature of many of the plans.Varied sizing. Our Mountain House Plan collection includes small bungalow-type plans, along with larger mountain chalet-type plans, along with everything in between. Various plans offer an array of features as well, depending upon the size and architecture.

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