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Traditionally styled barns have been a standard in American landscape for centuries as a stable structure for the storage of livestock, crops and now, most recently, human occupation. Whether you live in the country, suburbia or even, urban America, barn style architecture conveys a rustic charm that captivates the American imagination and continues to gain in popularity as a new and exciting type of home style. These homes enjoy widespread popularity due to the classic feel of a country home displaying excellent craftsmanship, warm woods, rustic charm and voluminous, open interior spaces. Barn house plans come in eclectic and varying styles with barn-like features and a comfortable sense of home that express unique lifestyles for the people who build and live in them.

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Barns have been part of our national landscape for centuries and with these iconic structures disappearing, it is nice to see their role redefined as a housing option suitable to the needs of homeowners seeking a different and unique lifestyle. With their roots in agriculture and farming, Barn House Plans are now being constructed with superior attention to detail, a commitment to craftsmanship and a nod to Americana. As a place to celebrate American tradition, there is something so comforting about a Barn House Plan in terms of them speaking to a simpler time in our country’s history where families labored to provide shelter, food and care for family members and neighbors. Barn living with today’s modern features and construction materials provide an opportunity to live comfortably in a home with high ceilings, open living spaces and luxurious aesthetics.

Key characteristics of a Barn House Plan:

  • Easily recognizable exteriors
  • Gables
  • Gambrel roofs
  • Wraparound and/or extended porches
  • Wood – beams and exterior wall framing
  • Stonework
  • Barn style windows and doors
  • Lofts
  • Exposed support beams
  • Open floor plans
  • Voluminous ceiling heights


Barn House Plan exteriors are instantly recognizable due to their iconic shape and the specialized design materials used in the construction of these homes. Their facades often feature very similar elements in their design that may include gables, wraparound or deeply set and widely proportioned extended porches, warm woods, post and beam construction or timber frames, stonework and exciting options for the windows and doors of these homes. Also, the addition of a side silo can offer aesthetically pleasing exterior value and rustic appeal as well as being a functional part of the overall design if incorporated into the interior living space. Steeply pitched roofs along with gambrel roofs add textural depth and the ability to dispose of heavy snow loads as well as add visual interest, practicality and allowance for maximum headspace to incorporate additional bedrooms, lofts or attic space for storage.

Gables are oftentimes incorporated onto the exterior of these homes for added durability and longevity regarding the roof and exterior walls of the home. While not found on classic barn architecture, wraparound porches and/or extended outdoor pavilions provide expansive outdoor entertaining space for family and friends to gather in comfort and enjoy all manner of social events, special occasion celebrations and even double as outdoor sleeping space.

Rustic or reclaimed wood finishes, post and beam construction/timber frames and stonework can be incorporated on the exterior of the home enhancing the warmth and character of the home’s façade. Windows and doors are relatively speaking both functional and aesthetic elements and the ability to capture their charm and diversity on the exterior of Barn House Plans is adventurous and exciting. Traditional barn architecture typically didn’t provide windows on the structure nor did they possess standard door designs; however, the façade of these homes can be strategically brought into the 21st century with the addition of these updated design elements. Ventilation, the addition of natural sunlight and visual interest enhance the functionality and practicality of living comfortably in a Barn House Plan and the modern design updates provide that and more.


Typically, the interiors of Barn House Plans are large, open and feature high ceilings giving the homes a generous feel for family living and entertaining. Leaving the high ceilings open to the living area, highlighting rustic rafters or the addition of living space both opens the home up to cozy nooks and crannies as well as allowing the easy addition of bedrooms, baths or other rooms to the house design. With abundant vertical space, Barn House Plans are the perfect homes to add second stories while leaving some parts open to the living spaces below for architectural interest and the separation of living and personal spaces. As on the exterior of the homes, Barn House Plans do not necessarily need to be completely rustic and “heavy” looking on the interior either. A neutral palette with loads of windows, high ceilings, smooth wood finishes and light furniture can create a light and airy feel to the home.

These dramatic, one-of-a-kind homes can house charming second floor spaces such as lofts for family “hang-outs”, bedrooms with sloping walls and window dormers full of character as well as storage space, if needed. Typically situated on the second floor, these private family rooms become sanctuaries in which to relax and re-group. A second way in which to add space to the home is through the use of a basement; obviously, barns did not come with basements but this modern addition of space can allow the home to function properly for large families, those with multi-generational family members, frequent guests or teen-agers and/or those who need casual entertaining space.


You can hardly think of Barn House Plans without picturing a two storied home; however, many of these plans expand outwards instead of upwards and still retain the look and feel of rustic comfort. Of course, the structural support of a two-storied home makes for large, beautiful open concept interiors and a general feeling of wide open spaces in which to live and entertain comfortably. These handcrafted homes, whether one or two stories, offer imaginative ways in which to create your family’s living spaces. Lofts or basements, building up or down, homeowners retain the distinct privilege of deciding what works best for their families in terms of additional space and these renovated barn ideas continue to excite and push the boundaries of home design.


America’s Best House Plans features a small yet, distinct assortment of Barn House Plans which display a wide range of square footage options. From a minimum of 730 square feet to 4,357 luxurious square feet, this collection provides a wide range of styles, square footage and aesthetically pleasing exteriors and interiors.


Barn House Plans are quite versatile as a number of different home styles can be incorporated into both the exterior and interior of these homes. Oftentimes, these homes may be Ranch plans with plenty of living and private space on one floor; additionally, rustic comes to mind when mentally viewing the Barn House Plan as does Modern. The Modern Farmhouse is a perfect example of incorporating different design styles and materials into an inspired version of a Barn House Plan. There are many elements that work within a wide range of plan styles and with a creative eye and some imagination, Barn House Plans can feature a plethora of completed design ideas to enhance this unique way of life.


Barn House Plans, historically iconic and simultaneously forward moving, as a housing style continue to capture and charm the public. A relic of U.S. history and culture, these homes are defined as a being built in the style of a barn with classic and timeless appeal, aesthetic beauty and value, and come in a plethora of styles that feature both rustic and elegant structures well suited for those wishing to pursue a unique lifestyle. These homes and living spaces are complementary to unique, personal lifestyles and tastes, and represent the best of American values, cultures and traditions.