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Are you searching for a dream house to build for your family? Do you have traditional taste, and the desire to search amongst the most popular house plans nationwide? Our collection of Traditional House Plans ranges the gambit in terms of architectural styles and featured elements, as well as number of levels, size, and preferred materials. What draw this collection together?

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  • High quality architectural design. Each one of the house plans in this collection was created with the goal of presenting a high quality finished product. The individual plans were designed with a vision for excellence and attention to detail.†
  • Traditional design elements. Traditional House Plans typically feature traditional design elements - elements such as gabled roofs, dormers, front porches. Columns, and other exterior features that create a traditional look and feel.
  • Open floor plans. Almost all of these traditional designs feature the modern convenience of an open floor plan, a plan in which the common areas connect to one another.

Are you searching for your dream house? Browse through our vast collection of Traditional House Plans to find the one best suited for your family.