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A recent survey found the Modern Farmhouse was the favorite house style, and it’s no wonder! Modern Farmhouse house plans are known for their warmth and simplicity: They are welcoming and cozy with a dash of clean, contemporary design.

The exterior is usually rectangular in shape with large windows that brighten the home and a covered, wrap-around porch—sometimes with modern-looking barn lights. Inside, expect the unexpected because materials used in outdoor construction, like shiplap and exposed brick, adorn these homes’ interiors. 

Like its traditional farmhouse predecessor, the modern farmhouse floor plan exudes warmth and comfort that make you want to come home and stay awhile.

Large, covered porches evoke classic farmhouse design.

Spacious covered porches are a staple of modern farmhouse house plans. These relaxing, welcoming spaces often wrap around the house and are wide enough to accommodate porch swings, rocking chairs, tables, and lots of loved ones, pets, and friends. After all, farmhouse living of yesteryear often took place outside, and big porches were an informal gathering place for visitors and homeowners alike.

That hasn’t changed.

If this staple were one of the must-have features that pulled you into this style of home, you would be delighted to find most of our modern farmhouse plans have a variety of large, covered designs. Though not all plans in this collection include a large porch, many feature a covered deck or no porch. They are reiterating how this house style breaks the confines of tradition and allows personal preference to guide the way, given that this house style is designed to fit a variety of lots in any neighborhood or country setting.

Spacious kitchens are a staple of modern farmhouse design

Kitchens in these plans are usually large, open, and easy to move through. They nodded to the past when much of the meal came from the land, and the cooking was almost continual. Today, the cook in the house probably doesn’t need the space to churn butter or sew clothing but does want plenty of room to cook while being surrounded by family and friends.

Many of these plans often feature large center islands, wooden countertops, and open shelves. In addition, sight lines are open to other rooms in the house and offer great window views.

Modern farmhouse house plans are versatile.

Big or small? A family’s size and budget often dictate the size of a home and preference regarding how much or little space they want to decorate, maintain, and live in. Search online through our plans that cover a wide range—from the cozier 1,000 square-foot small modern farmhouse plans to the more sizable plan that tops 5,000 square feet. If 2,500 or 3,000 square feet is your size of choice, we have those, too, and are constantly refreshing our site by adding new plans every week.

Whether you’re in the market for modern farmhouse 1-story house plans, one-and-a-half story, or two-story plans, we offer a wide range of floor plans conducive to your lifestyle, budget, and preference. So, for example, you can find a sprawling ranch with a traditional layout or a two-story home with an open floor plan—and vice versa.

A basement is a great way to maximize the use of available land and a relatively affordable way to increase the value and size of a family home. People either want them, or they don’t, and the size of a family often dictates the need for a basement. They are beneficial for families housing more than one generation, those with teenagers who want a semi-private place to hang out with their friends, and are a great place to store seasonal or other items. We offer many modern farmhouse house plans with basement options, and if the plan you like doesn’t already have a basement, it can be modified to add one.

This growing collection offers the feel of casual, uncomplicated living—regardless of the plan’s size. So look no further if you’re searching for a plan with oodles of charm and a nod to a time gone by. We have a perfect plan for you and if you can’t find it, call us.

What is a modern farmhouse-style house?

Modern farmhouse plans mix country and contemporary elements to give the home a clean, open feel that’s still inviting and functional.

What makes a farmhouse floor plan?

Whites and off-whites are the colors of choice and are often contrasted with bright, bold hues. Furniture and fixtures might include a mix of chipped paint and sleek metals. Picture a large, reclaimed-wood kitchen table beneath low-hanging galvanized steel pendant lights. Unlike its rural, traditional farmhouse predecessor, today’s modern farmhouse plans are found all over—the country, the city, and even in the suburbs.

What makes a house a farmhouse?

In a traditional sense, a farmhouse is connected to the land it’s on rather than the architectural design. Strictly speaking, a farmhouse is a farmhouse if it’s built on farmland for the family that’s running the farm. Hence the term farmhouse.

In the more contemporary design sense, modern farmhouse plans are usually defined by having a large wrap-around porch with a large, functional kitchen and many open spaces.

What is modern farmhouse siding called?

Two types of siding are used in modern farmhouse house plans: lap, board, and batten. Lap siding is made from long horizontal planks that overlap the one below. Board and batten siding is vertical siding that consists of wider vertical boards overlaid with narrower strips called battens. Sometimes this décor choice is also used on interior walls of modern farmhouse house plans.

What is the difference between a farmhouse and a modern farmhouse?

The most significant difference between classic and modern farmhouse designs is that the updated designs focus on clean lines and minimalist aesthetics with a “less is more” approach. In contrast, traditional farmhouses were all about function since they were the heart of a family working on the farm from sunup to sundown.

When did the farmhouse style become popular? Why is it so popular?

Country-chic Joanna Gaines has undoubtedly been a driving influence in the upsurge in America’s obsession for “all things farmhouse.” She brings out the nostalgia for living in the past and adds natural flavor that many want to emulate. Her style fits perfectly into our growing online collection of modern farmhouse floor plans, whether that includes ideas for outfitting a great room, whitewashing powder room walls, adding a sliding barn door in the primary suite, or prettying up a porch.

How big is a modern farmhouse?

There aren’t any rules for designing your own modern farmhouse. It can be a simple, one-bedroom floor plan in the city, or you can build a sprawling 5,000-square-foot home in the middle of the countryside.


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