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One Story House Plans

Popular in the 1950s, one-story house plans were designed and built during the post-war availability of cheap land and sprawling suburbs. During the 1970s, as incomes, family size, and an increased interest in leisure activities rose, the single-story home fell out of favor. However, as most cycles go, the one-story house is on the rise again (no pun intended).

Affordable, efficient, and versatile, modern single-story homes feature many amenities compatible with today’s families and lifestyles. 

Easily maintained, cleaned, and less formal than double-storied homes, the open floor plans provide a casual and adaptable space for family living. In addition, with the advent of ever-evolving, luxuriously designed outdoor rooms for entertaining, one-story house floor plans feature an opportunity to take advantage and beautifully blend indoor-outdoor spaces well.

These home styles are convenient and safe for older yet independent generations; with no stairs to maneuver, one-story house plans typically feature a kinder layout allowing Baby Boomers to age in style and comfort.

What is a one-story house called?

A one-story house is commonly referred to as a single-level or ranch home. These homes typically have a single level, with no stairs or decks within the living space, and are often built on small lots due to their modest footprints.

What are the pros and cons of a one-story house?

There are both pros and cons to building a one-story house, and they include


Cheaper to build. Because you’re only making one floor, this cuts down the costs of building a home since you won’t need to have a ceiling braced and supported as a floor for the second house story. In addition, of course, it takes fewer materials overall to build a one-story house instead of a multiple-story home.

Easier to maintain. With a single floor, you’ll never have to lug a vacuum cleaner up a flight of stairs again! You’ll never have to vacuum or clean stairs again. In addition, single-story homes are much easier to keep clutter free because everything is all located on the same level.

Safer and easier floor plans for older generations. With one-story house plans, slipping and falling down the stairs is a thing of the past, and people with mobility problems can escape through a ground-floor window with much more ease in an emergency.

Reduced heating and cooling costs. Since you’ll be heating and cooling less space, you can look forward to lower energy bills.


Less privacy. Even if you have a large, 6-bedroom, one-story house plan, all the rooms are located on one floor, so you won’t have the privacy that comes with having bedrooms on the second floor of a multi-story home.

You have limited interior space. With a one-story house, you’re limited to the size of the property’s lot, so you can wind up with less interior space than you’d like or need for the size of your family.

What are the most popular one-story floor plans?

One of the most popular one-story house plans is the Ranch house plan, which appears in many variations and can be customized for varying lot sizes. Other popular floor plans include craftsman, cottage, Mediterranean, and southwestern-style homes.

Are one-story houses better?

One-story houses have advantages and disadvantages; it depends on your preferences as a homeowner. Single-level homes require less maintenance than multi-level homes due to fewer stairs, making it easier to insulate and heat or relax. Additionally, they tend to have less footprint, allowing for more space on smaller lots. However, multi-story homes can offer more usable floor space and are better suited for larger lots that may require multiple stories for zoning reasons.

What one-story house plans look great on large acreage?

Suppose you’ve got the room to work with. In that case, some tremendous one-story house plans for acreage include Southern-style homes with wrap-around porches, rustic cabins with plenty of windows and natural light, and sprawling ranch houses that bring classic style and luxury living. For a modern touch, consider sleek single-level designs with large windows and open-concept layouts that make the most of your available land. No matter what type of home you’re looking for, there’s a one-story house plan to fit your needs.


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