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For families considering building a house from the ground up, Ranch House Plans continue to represent one of America's Best House Plans' most popular house plan style categories. These plans utilize space in an efficient and effective way, making it feasible for all of the house's rooms to be on the main level. This creates a certain level of flexibility and convenience for families seeking to build a house that will provide the right kinds of living spaces for the long-term.

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Ranch House Plans provide many features, and can be categorized in a number of architectural styles. Here are several features that many Ranch House Plans typically offer:

  • Master suite on the main floor. Inherent in Ranch House Plans is the location of the master bedroom suite. Although the size and situation of the master suite changes based upon the plan's size and architectural style, Ranch House Plans provide the convenience of the master suite location on the main level of the house plan.
  • Traditional, open living spaces. Most all Ranch House Plans provide an open living space, with the kitchen, living room, and dining areas connected. As you walk into these houses, the living space often feels very big and open.
  • Varied number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and bonus spaces. Ranch House Plans offer a variety of options, and those searching for a Ranch House Plan may also choose to search by the number of bedrooms desired, or the presence of bonus-type areas, including an office space or media room.

Selecting a Ranch House Plan from amongst our growing and vast house plan library is easy! Simply search by your priorities, or search by plan popularity or size.