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Just like the land they originally occupied, the term “farmhouse” was the workhorse of home styles; but, is it a style, a type of structure or simply a description? In cooperation with the land they sat on, farmhouses were intended to serve as the counterpart of the tough life of farmers; their animals, the land and their way of life. Farm homes were, by necessity, designed to be sturdy, practical and able to withstand their functional abuse much as the land they sat on did. These original farmhouses were situated on agricultural lands and offered a companion to the rugged functionality of the lifestyle and a place to relax at the end of a hard day’s work; straightforward, purposeful and with little ornamentation or grand detailing, these homes were quite practical and sturdily built.

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Over time and with the invention and implementation of the railways, farmhouses changed from the simple structures made from materials readily available to a more adventurous style of home. Now, materials could be shipped across country and while there was certainly some adaptation of current trends, for the main part, farmhouses still retained their practicality and function; however, ready-made carpentry materials did help with adding to the size of the home to accommodate growing families.

While not necessarily a style of home, Farmhouses often include: 

  • Practical and straightforward design elements
  • Simple, rectangular or square floor plans with one-and-a-half or two stories
  • Light colored exteriors with expansive or wraparound porches and overhead dormers 
  • Dominant fireplaces/exterior chimneys 
  • Formal front rooms with common rooms and a large kitchen at the rear of the home

With an interest in a simpler, “back to basics” lifestyle, many today are increasingly interested in building and living a “farmhouse” lifestyle whether they are situated on a large parcel of land, live in a rural area or are located in a suburban neighborhood. Oftentimes, synonymous with a country lifestyle, both Farmhouses and Country house plans feature similar design features both on the exterior and interior. This ode to nostalgia results in homes that are comfortable, inviting and sturdy which are built to last and provide shelter, warm rooms to gather in and large amounts of outdoor space where entertaining and relaxing are enjoyable. This descriptive way of life has become so popular that entire blogs, magazines and design sites have devoted the entirety of their content to the evolution of the Farmhouse, both on the exterior and interior of homes.


One and Two Story Homes with or without Basements

A diverse collection of Farmhouse designs are available in a wide range of styles and include either one, one-and-a-half as well as two storied plans. Because these plans aren’t necessarily defined within rigid parameters, we are able to offer you an exciting selection of varying styles of homes that can include different floor plans, expansion space, formal and/or casual rooms. One story Farmhouse plans typically feature sprawling floor plans with plenty of comfortable rooms for entertaining, dining and relaxing located in the center of the home. One-and-a half and two storied homes generally focus on main level living, perhaps with a master suite location while the secondary bedrooms and bonus space, if available, are situated on the top floor. Certainly, you didn’t find too many original Farmhouse designs that were situated on basement foundations but, as in all things, progress has made basements available in almost any home design. Basements are a great feature to any home as they offer additional square footage for future expansion to meet family needs.


Porches and Wraparound Porches

That ubiquitous porch, an absolute necessity when it comes to Farmhouse design. Whether a sprawling front covered porch, a rear covered porch, a screened porch or the ever popular wraparound porch, some type of covered outdoor space is synonymous with the Farmhouse lifestyle. Originally designed to be a transition of sorts from land to interior space, porches evoke a sense of nostalgia, a comfortable space to relax and entertain as well as a solitary pursuit of comfort. Generously proportioned porches may have originated as a way for farmers and their children to enjoy an afternoon meal without “dirtying” up the interior of the home or a means of storage until the next day’s work but whether it’s functional or purely aesthetic, porches have long come to symbolize Americana, Country homes and the Farmhouse design we have all come to know and love.


Large Kitchens

“The kitchen is the heart of the home” has been an adage for decades, if not centuries, and while the majority of us no longer spend our time toiling in the fields, growing our own food or cooking for hours, the kitchen remains the center of our homes and lives. The American farmer and his family used the more formal spaces, located at the front of the home, for entertaining but the more casual living and dining spaces were reserved for the rear of the home and typically this layout remains the same. A large country kitchen was a necessity for the early farmers of America and the Farmhouse style kitchen may have gotten an update but much of the space and practicality remain the same. Current farmhouse kitchens are large, spacious and yet, cozy; there may be wood floors, an adjacent hearth room with a warming fireplace and solid wood or butcher block countertops. Additionally, you may find an apron/farmhouse sink, a large center island, open shelving and a massive wood farmhouse table. All these elements combine to create a welcoming and inviting spot for family and friends to gather in comfort and take part in the preparation and enjoyment of the meals created in these iconic kitchens.


Square Feet Ranges

Since Farmhouse design encompasses a wide range of home styles, the square footage can vary a great deal as well. Modern layouts, well-designed rooms and an abundance of cost effective materials and labor reduction has resulted in differing interior floor plans for these homes. Even with factoring in personal preferences, family size and the budget, the choices remain practically endless. Our selection of Farmhouse designs number in the hundreds and the large majority offer between 1,800 and 2,800 square feet of living space; however, we have Farmhouse plans that run from as little as 600 square feet to over 10,000 square feet so there is definitely something for everyone.


American farmhouses evolved to meet the demands of the land and the families who worked and lived on them. Over time, these homes have come to represent Americana, a traditional set of values and beliefs and a place of pride for their time honored nod to love of family, friends and the most comfortable set of design features.