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When you hear the word "rustic" what comes to mind? At America's Best House Plans, we have created a stylistic category reflecting a value for natural materials, open floor plans, a vintage sensibility, and house plans that are reminiscent of days gone by - Mountain Rustic House Plans. As you picture your dream house, you may picture some of these types of elements.

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Do you enjoy architectural elements that create a sense of the past? Are you looking to utilize natural materials to create your dream house, such as stone, brick, and wood planks? A Mountain Rustic House Plan includes features such as:

  • The use of clean lines and historical design elements.
  • A feel reminiscent of the mountains - and one that perfectly fits into mountainous and rustic environments.
  • The use of predominantly natural materials, such as stone and wood.
  • Large porches and fireplaces in many of these house plans.
  • A variety of sizes and features, including varying numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features.