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Are all your senses involved when you hear the phrase Mountain Rustic House Plans; does your heart rate immediately slow down, do all the sights and smells of the mountain flood your senses with pleasure while you experience an immediate mood boost? Well, you’re not alone, as this unique blend of home style is purposely constructed to take advantage of all your senses and being at one with nature. Mountain living can be idyllic and a true health booster with its unparalleled views; flora majestically displayed like works of art with their ever changing and vibrant colors, fauna with their melodies and voices rolling across the hills and valleys, and the fresh air and outdoor opportunities can make the mountain lifestyle difficult to resist with its peaceful harmony.

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As the famous naturalist, John Muir, once stated, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” This is a sentiment shared by many who value the lifestyle and wellness of people found in these communities. There is just something about mountain living that speaks to many people; the pleasant summertime weather, the endless supply of outdoor activities, the breathtaking views, the raw and powerful sunsets or the sense of peaceful community. Happiness, exuberant health and a sense of purpose go hand-in-hand with mountain living where you are inspired to engage in physical activity and the sights and smells of the environment regularly zap stress and insomnia resulting in a longer, healthier life.

Some of the key features for Mountain Rustic house plans are:

  • Timber framed
  • Warm and comfortable exteriors and interiors
  • Stacked stone fireplaces
  • Rough-hewn wood or stone
  • The use of clean lines and historical design elements
  • A feel reminiscent of the mountains - and one that perfectly fits into mountainous and rustic environments
  • Tongue-and-groove ceilings and walls
  • Mixed textures; predominantly natural/organic materials, such as stone and wood
  • Extended outdoor living spaces with large porches/outdoor fireplaces and water features
  • Light, open design
  • A variety of sizes and features, including varying numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features

A Variety of Plan Styles

Mountain house plans are designed to take advantage of deep and sweeping vistas, possibly lakefront as well as mountain property lots, or both. Common features for these homes include multiple and large window views, both covered and open outdoor spaces and beautiful combinations of warm woods and organic design materials. These rugged exteriors and interiors complement a wide range of house styles and square footage due to their functionality and versatility. Modern and rustic Craftsman homes, Lodge inspired living, Lakefront and Mountain property lots along with small and luxurious floor plans can be incorporated to include many design elements homeowners desire in their search for a comfortable and casual wilderness lifestyle. These homes use a creative mix of rustic and modern details that give these select homes a true mountain feel and look. Wood siding, cedar shakes, rough-hewn log siding, substantial beams and stone work; oftentimes, are featured highlights of Mountain Rustic home exteriors and sometimes with a good measure of indoor design elements. Metal or tin roofing can be employed overhead as a design feature with their melodious and peaceful sounds.

Multiple window views, typically oversized, are used to take advantage of the views and large stone fireplaces, both indoors and out, are selected to enjoy those chilly mornings and evenings. These Mountain Rustic plans also feature expansive outdoor space for nature lovers to enjoy; many times, seamlessly joined with the interior spaces of the home. These home designs exceed expectations in their ability to conform to a wide variety of plan styles, types and square footage making them desirable to today’s homeowners. The vast majority of our wide and varied selection of Mountain Rustic house plans include exterior and interior photographs, and pictures of the floor plans are always available on our site.

Square Footage Ranges

America’s Best House Plans offers an extensive collection of Mountain Rustic house designs including a variety of shapes and sizes. Rather than being an authentic architectural style, Mountain Rustic house plans represent a varied collection of common exterior and interior design features composed for rugged landscapes. There are plans from just over 200 square feet that are more primitive in nature; perfect for weekend getaways and those hunting/fishing or outdoor enthusiasts, to plans in excess of 6,000 square feet that are large and sophisticated lodge living designs with every known modern amenity available to man. Our wide selection of floor plans includes everything from cozy weekend retreats to luxurious year-round living with an average square footage total somewhere in the 2,000 – 2,600 square foot range designed to meet a variety of lifestyles, budgets and personal preference.

Basements, Lofts and Garages

Although, it is somewhat common for Mountain Rustic house plans to lack garage space, many of our larger plans do offer garages that includes vehicle and storage space as well. Quite a few plans include a detached or semi-detached garage, with a breezeway entry, for the safe storage of vehicles, assorted other gear and as a means of protection from the weather. While there are some plans lacking a garage altogether, this is usually the case with smaller Mountain Rustic homes that are oftentimes used as a vacation or get-away home. However, for those attracted to the style and wish for a permanent residence with a rustic feel, garages can either be added to existing plans or you can choose from the many larger sized mountain house plans that include space for storing vehicles.

Quite often, as a means of storage and additional living space, Mountain Rustic plans are situated on a basement foundation. These homes represent a retreat from everyday living and a place to enjoy outdoor activities that otherwise may not comprise a large part of your everyday living lifestyle. With this natural inclination to enjoy the outdoors comes an accumulation of outdoor toys; skis, snowboards, hunting and fishing equipment and assorted backpacks, outerwear and other gear, where basement storage becomes a necessity. Another argument for a basement foundation is the rugged terrain associated with mountain living; most are designed for mountainous or sloped property lots and usually near seamless integration with nature is needed or desired. Basements can also be configured to include large amounts of storage space along with finished living spaces such as multi-purpose rooms, additional bedrooms/baths and recreation rooms. Walkout basements are especially desirous as they offer multiple entry and exit points for the storage and removal of large outdoor equipment and a way to shed wet and/or muddy clothing and other items.

Lofts also enjoy popularity within our selection of Mountain Rustic plans due to their functionality and versatility as a way to expand additional living space within the home’s interior. Loft space can be utilized as an endless variety of living spaces, not to mention, spectacular viewing options available from this space especially if you’re fortunate enough to have mountain or waterfront scenery nearby.

Various Outdoor Spaces

After location, views are probably one of the most desired effects for mountain living and America’s Best House Plans has partnered with an outstanding group of architects and designers to provide high quality plans that feature a comprehensive selection of outdoor spaces. From porches, wraparound as well as front and rear, screened in porches, verandahs, open decks as well as covered patios, this collection of house plans reflect the importance of excellent outdoor viewing potential. Majestic scenery and sweeping vistas rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit while the altitude and panoramic views can be exhilarating. Wraparound porches and/or front rear covered porches afford abundant opportunities to relax, dine al fresco and in general, enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends. Screened in porches are a lovely barrier between open spaces and protection from the weather and insects, and the addition of both open and closed outdoor spaces would be a great option for any Mountain Rustic plan.

Mountain Rustic house plans are characterized by their humble roots, organic design elements and their natural warmth and comfort. These rustic residences are naturally designed to cohabitate with their native surroundings and offer first class experiences for homes situated atop mountain property lots, nestled deep in the woods or overlooking pristine waterfront views.