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Have you always dreamed of coastal living? Picture a seaside village, the smell of the salty air, and a lovely house by the water. America's Best House Plans provides an array of Coastal home designs from which to choose your dream house. These plans offer a perfect way for families to build their primary or secondary residence on the water. Regardless of where you plan to build, though, these house plans evoke a coastal sensibility - the charm and allure of seaside living.

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Our high quality Coastal House Plans offer many of the traditional features of older, classical coastal houses coupled with more modern features. Various features on these house plans can include:

  • Expansive front porches. Many coastal house plans provide additional outdoor living space through the use of a front porch.  Porches have the ability to encourage rest and relaxation, enjoying others' companies, and allowing for additional entertaining space.
  • Built on stilts. Many coastal house plans allow for water to run underneath the homes by including a stilt foundation. Room for storage is often included in the area surrounding the stilts.
  • Charming exterior details. Coastal house plans provide charming designs and lovely facades.
  • Open floor plans. Coastal house plans often feature open floor plans with large windows, in order that inhabitants and visitors can enjoy lovely waterfront views and time together.

Our Coastal House Plans provide lots of lovely details, open floor plans, and a beautiful way to create a beautiful seaside existence.