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Waterfront living is an American dream whether living near a picturesque seaside village, an estate home on beachfront property, luxurious lakeside communities or even, small private ponds. Coastal living is more a mood or mindset than a home style where life is a thoroughly enjoyable experience with stunning sunsets, nature scented breezes and peaceful scenery to replace overstimulation of the urban or suburban lifestyle. Fresh air, improved physical well-being and peace of mind are added benefits to coastal living and America's Best House Plans provides an array of Coastal home designs from which to choose your dream house.

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These plans offer a perfect way for families to build their primary or secondary residence on the water and we offer Coastal house plans to fit every budget and personal style. Regardless of where you plan to build your coastal home, though, these house plans evoke a waterfront sensibility - the charm and allure of seaside living typically, in a casual environment.

Our high quality Coastal House Plans offer many of the traditional features of older, classical coastal houses coupled with more modern features. Various features on these house plans can include:

  • Exposed rafter tails
  • Wood shutters
  • Abundant outdoor space – front and rear porches, screened porches and wraparound porches
  • An abundance of windows – for viewing and cross ventilation
  • Stilt, pier or pilings foundations
  • Weathered cedar shingles
  • Brick, treated/weathered siding or tabby stucco exteriors
  • Open floor plans
  • Light filled interiors
  • Organic interior design elements
  • Lush, colorful landscaping
  • Seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces for casual lifestyle
  • Narrow lots with multi-tiered interiors

Coastal Home Foundations

While many Coastal homes are located far enough inland to avoid having a raised foundation; others require a stilt or pier foundation. Coastal homes necessitate different building materials and construction methods to weather the climate found in different regions across the country. These foundations are suitable for shoreline property sites that allow for water to run underneath the homes by including a raised platform to shield the home from rising tides, flooding or intense storms. Along with a raised foundation, Coastal homes often feature an abundance of storage space located near the area surrounding the stilts or pier foundation; this is perfect for parking, the storage of large multi-purpose vehicles for water-crafting and other sporting equipment for numerous land and water based activities.

Narrow Lots

The high price of coastal/waterfront real estate typically requires a narrow property lot that can benefit from being built several floors high. With that height structure, one of the many perks a beach home gains is a raised foundation along with vertical stories that results in beautiful panoramic views from the home’s interior and exterior spaces. These generous views can be accomplished with an abundance of window views and plenty of outdoor living space that enhance the casual lifestyle that usually goes along with coastal living. The addition of an interior elevator can add peace of mind and comfort to the daily life of older homeowners as well as an important means of travelling/traversing the home easily. No longer considered a luxury nor just an option for the elderly, the functionality of a residential elevator is especially appreciated where interior space is at a premium. Few people realize modern elevators can actually take up less space than traditional up/down stairwells, and that the time and energy saved exponentially simplifies daily chores and responsibilities. Bringing in groceries, guests or small children, especially when returning from the day after enjoying water activities, sightseeing or other outdoor exercise can be difficult and stressful, but a residential elevator can be a real bonus when faced with these tasks.

Open Floor Plans

The coastal lifestyle is conducive to open floor plans with its comfortable, relaxed and airy interior. This mood is reflected in the choice of materials throughout the home; light, natural materials that mirror the coastal blue skies, floral greenery, creamy whites and sun drenched yellows. Organic textiles and surface materials usually include weathered and painted woods, sheer or an absence of window treatments; casual, lightweight furnishings and seagrass, straw or jute floor coverings. This sense of style integrates the interior and exterior outdoor spaces beautifully and along with the open floor plan sets the mood for an open, casual lifestyle that is bright and sunny. The placement of windows and French door entry and exit points add interest and charm to the home while supplying the interior with plenty of sunshine and an easy means of accessing the outdoor space.

Style and Size

Due to the nature of coastal living, these homes focus on beach and waterfront views while the floor plans are typically open with lots of outdoor entertaining and relaxing space. America’s Best House Plans features an inspiring collection of Coastal House Plans with a wide range of exterior styles and floor plans that span from cozy layouts to luxurious and large, well-thought out interior spaces. These Coastal floor plans can adapt to numerous architectural styles and some of the more common are Bungalow, Craftsman, Cottage, Modern, Mediterranean and the ubiquitous Ranch house plan. Any one of these styles is fully capable of embracing the coastal lifestyle and if needed, we offer modification services on all our house plans to ensure the plan matches your vision. While the large majority of our Coastal house plans fall into the 2,400 – 3,000 square foot range, our smallest plan is just over 450 square feet of living space while the largest plan exceeds 9,000 square feet; truly a large composite of floor plans and styles for all potential homeowners.

Outdoor Space

Like the coast itself, Coastal house plans rely on open, airy spaces and plenty of sunlight to convey a sense of peace and harmony. Taking advantage of the natural elements available, these beach homes depend on open interiors that seamlessly flow to the outdoors and an abundance of sunshine when designing the home. After all, what is the sense in waterfront living, if you don’t take advantage of the ocean breezes flowing from the outdoors into the interior, the expansive views or the riot of outdoor color available in terms of tropical trees, bushes and flowers? Accomplishing the goal of tying the interior to the exterior often includes an abundance of outdoor spaces; covered porches, verandahs, lanais and open patios or decks feature an endless parade of choices for relaxing and/or entertaining whether you’re building a small bungalow or a three tiered Mediterranean homes. Wraparound porches, whether located on the front or rear exterior, along with water views, the star studded night sky and salty air guarantees these large outdoor spaces will continually be accessed and enjoyed. A lovely addition to a cottage or beach home by the sea, a widow’s or captain’s walk, can add interest and detailing to a seaside home. Although, they’re not walked any longer, a widow’s walk was a railed rooftop addition; oftentimes, accompanied by a small enclosed cupola where wives of sailors were said to watch, frequently in vain, for their husband’s return from the sea. Similarly, a captain’s walk was used to search for ships due to return to port by more successful or wealthy ship captains.

Coastal homes, whether found in seaside communities, oceanfront properties or fishing villages are some of the most adaptable and dreamed about home styles. These homes represent a way of life, separate from urban or suburban communities, with their relaxed retreat styled homes where strolling to the beach, village shops or restaurants and taverns exude a certain charm and sensational opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, truly relax with family and friends and draw nearer to a lifestyle most of us only dream about.