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The Power of Real Photos

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On our website, you will find photos of our over 15,000 house plans. Every home is represented by a rendered image created by the designer of that house plan. Renderings depict a digital representation of what the home will look like once built. These images give you a thorough idea of the exterior of the house and help you visualize your future home.

Craftsman Plan 5445-00067


Some of our house plans also include real photos of the finished home. These unique images are provided by our lovely customers. Taking the time to snap photos of your completed home doesn’t just help us as a company but it also helps our customers imagine living in that very home. Having the ability to see real-life photos makes a huge difference for our customers and we are thankful to every person that has sent in photos of their completed homes.

Mountain Plan 699-00065


Because each house plan can be modified, some of the real photos may have been altered to fit the customer’s needs. Always review the floor plan and renderings to see the original layout. You can explore our over 3550 house plans with photos on our website.


If you have recently built one of America’s Best House Plans and would like to send your photos to us, we would love to have them. Email us at [email protected].

Craftsman Plan 041-00156


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