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10 Details That Make a Home Expensive to Build

 When building your dream home, some elements make the home more expensive to build than others. Determining which aspects are worth the price for you and which aren’t will help you choose the right house plan for you and your … Continue reading

The Inspection Process for New Homes

The local building department can be your best friend when building a new home because they help to spot potential problems well before they become major issues for you, the homeowner.  But unless you plan for the inspections required while … Continue reading

Poured Concrete Foundation Quality Tips

  Braced Foundation The foundation for your new home supports the entire structure and its contents.  Many builders consider this to be the most important element to building a quality, trouble-free structure.  Poured concrete foundations are becoming the standard for … Continue reading

Three Inexpensive Ways to Include Radon Mitigation

Radon gas is known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.  You can’t smell it, and because it’s a gas, you obviously can’t see it.  It comes from the ground, so any home that … Continue reading

How to Build a Basement That Stays Dry

It’s that time of year again.  The snow is starting to melt and heavy spring rains are on the way.  These bring with them the unfortunate wet basement.  Now that you are creating your dream home, it’s time to include … Continue reading

So You’re Building a Basement: Poured vs Block Foundations

When you’re building a new home, you want the highest quality for the best possible price.  So the question becomes, “Does it make more sense to use a concrete poured foundation wall or should you use block?”  There are pros … Continue reading

Basement Insulation for Your New Home

  While going through the home building process you may be thinking: do I really need to insulate the basement? Before you get too far along in the process, the short answer is yes! The basement is no longer just … Continue reading