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The Benefits of a 2 Bedroom House Plan

  The right house plan can change everything! The perfect home for you and your family can mean something totally different to you than it would to your neighbor down the street. While they may want a large, lavish home, … Continue reading

Living on the Water: Cape Cod and Coastal House Plans

Whether you’re building your first, second, or retirement home, putting down roots on or near the shoreline offers a lifestyle that reflects a mindset rather than just simply a home style. The reason for your waterfront build could be for … Continue reading

Could you go tiny?

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]Southwestern Plan 2559-00102   Bigger isn’t always better, according to the tiny house craze sweeping the country. From farmhouse to modern to craftsman, tiny homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and have become highly … Continue reading

How To Modify Your Favorite House Plan

  Did you know you can modify ALL of our house plans? If you fall in love with a home but would love to change a few things, we can modify the plan to fit your exact wants and needs. … Continue reading

One story or two: That is always the question!

       As you search for the perfect house plan, the long-lasting debate about one or two story homes always come up. There is a wide range of functional and aesthetic reasons why some people prefer a single story … Continue reading

Five Home Building Trends That Benefit Homeowners

Change, while necessary, can cause conflict and take “us” out of our comfort zone; however, change is constantly taking shape in all facets of our life and being able to embrace change is a skill set and easily managed even … Continue reading

Spring is Here

Winter lingers, yet, no matter the length, spring is sure to follow and with it the promise of longer days where the sun is warm, where flowers begin to bloom almost recklessly, where every field is clothed with grass and … Continue reading

What is a keeping Room?

       Have you ever heard of a Keeping Room? Reminiscent of days long gone, the keeping room is re-emerging as a must have in today’s homes. As busy families increasingly covet quality time, the keeping room has become … Continue reading

Multi-generational Living – Is it for you and your family?

Immediately following World War II, the extended family household lost favor with the American public; by 1940, one-quarter of the population lived in one and by 1980, fewer than 13% of Americans lived in a multi-generational home. A wide range … Continue reading

Seven Costs You Shouldn’t Forget When Planning to Build

Building a new home requires up to fifty different trade contractors and suppliers.  In addition to the people that actually perform the work on the home, there are numerous cost items that can be easily overlooked when planning to build.  … Continue reading