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20 Popular Barndominium House Plans

Barndominium 963-00625


What is a barndominium? Its Origin, Purpose, and Evolution

If you’re an HGTV enthusiast or love home renovation shows like Fixer Upper, chances are you’ve heard of this term. If you’ve been shopping house plans for a while you may have seen how these ultra unique residences have exploded in popularity. A barndominium, or barndo as they are often called, are barn-inspired homes usually comprised of steel, board and batten, or rustic materials. They offer beautifully designed residences that meet the modern conveniences of a functional home while also offering a unique and exceptional exterior design with a large garage or workshop space.

Originally designed for architectural purposes, such as storing hay, grains, fruits, and the farm’s livestock, barns have evolved to become one of the most innovative home designs. The first mention of constructing a barn into a home came from a Connecticut real estate developer named Karl Nilsen. A New York Times article from 1989 credits Nilsen for coining the term “barndominium” as its purpose was to create a community for horse owners to live in houses with barns or stalls.


The Evolution of the Barndominium


The idea produced a few communities in Connecticut but the term “barndominium” and the idea of living in a barn-style home didn’t become popular until the third season of Fixer Upper, when Chip and Joanna Gaines renovated a barn into a home. Ditching the idea of actually living with horses and making a garage/workshop a key feature, the style generated much interest in Texas, Oklahoma, and other southern states before spreading across the rest of the country.

House plan designers and builders alike took note of the cost effectiveness of this home design and thus barndominiums grew in popularity. As you explore our top 20 barndominium floor plans, you’ll see how they offer carefully designed homes with stunning curb appeal and top key features to satisfy any size family.


Characteristics of Barndominiums

Barn house plans are one of the most creative and inspirational house styles we have available. Closely related to the architectural characteristics of one of the most popular house styles this industry has ever known, the Modern Farmhouse, Barndominiums continue to gain in popularity.


The Uniqueness of Barn House Plans

When you think of a traditional barn and how that could transform into a home, you would want the home to reflect all the traditional elements. Our barndominium plans echo the true distinctive elements of a traditional barn while also keeping the character and charm of the style. Modern features are included throughout our plans to make these designs a functional and comfortable home. Our exteriors make up a combination of rustic, steel, or board and batten siding. These house plans generally showcase a rectangular shape, gabled roofing, extended porches, and barn-style doors and windows. Our interiors generally feature an open floor plan to mimic the open and airy nature of a traditional barn. They also tend to include soaring ceiling heights, lofts, and decorative exposed beams.


Barndominiums Come In All Sizes

The size of our barn house plans range to suit the individual needs of the homeowner. For those looking for a lighter footprint, our smallest barndos run just under 1,200 square feet. Our biggest barndos reach up to 4,913 square feet. Depending on you and your family’s needs, our barndominium floor plans showcase a wide range of housing designs and features. For examples, check out our top barn house plans below that present the best craftsmanship, desirable home features, and practical layouts.


Our Top 20 Barndominium Floor Plans

  1. Plan 963-00660“The Stylish Barndo”

Barn House Plan 963-00660

One of our newest additions into the barndominium plans collection, Plan 963-00660 details an ultra modern dwelling. This unique house plan is surrounded by large windows to welcome in plenty of natural light. With its black exterior, this stylish 3 bedroom plan features 2,752 square feet, 2.5 bathrooms, an open floor plan, mudroom, and an office.


  1. Plan 5032-00140 – “The Exclusive Barndo”

Barndo 5032-00140

This 3,040 square foot barndominium showcases an exceptional and desirable home design that you can only get on our website. Exclusive to our website, Plan 5032-00140 includes 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a loft, and an office.


  1. Plan 963-00625 – “A Barndo Dripping with Sophistication”

Barndominium 963-00625

Who could have ever imagined that “barn” and “sophisticated” would be in the same sentence? But this house plan couldn’t be described as anything less. Its 2,810 square foot interior inspires sophisticated finishes while featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, split bedrooms, an open floor plan, a loft, and an office.


  1. Plan 963-00432 – “Holy Garage!”

Barndo House Plan 963-00432

This beautiful barndo not only brings together different materials to enhance its architectural exterior but it also boasts an incredible 3,570 square foot garage! Plan 963-00432 also details 2,776 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, and a loft.


  1. Plan 963-00602 – “The Sunny Barndo”

Barn House Plan

Part of our 3-bedroom barn house plans, this rustic beauty highlights an enormous sunroom featuring a fireplace and cathedral ceiling. The rest of this house plan entails 2 bathrooms, an open floor plan, and a 3 car garage.


  1. Plan 5032-00136 – “A Barndo with a Workshop”

Barn Plan

Plan 5032-00136 presents a well-thought out floor plan with plenty of separate entertaining spaces and a workshop in the garage. This 2-story barndominium includes 2,765 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, and a loft. For an up close and personal view of the floor plan, check out our exclusive 360° tour of this plan!


  1. Plan 963-00644 – “The Rectangular Barndo”

Barn Plan 963-00644

Forming a perfect rectangle, Plan 963-00644 welcomes you with a lengthy covered front porch. From the porch to interior, cathedral ceilings are a running theme throughout the home. Its 1,695 square foot interior also features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, split bedrooms, and an open floor plan.


  1. Plan 5032-00117 – “A Barndo with Garage Storage”

Barndominium 5032-00117

If you are looking for a well-thought out barndominium floor plan with room for your boat or RV, this may be the plan for you. Plan 5032-00117 details 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a spacious wrap-around porch, a loft, and an office. Step inside this 2,456 sq. ft. plan with our exclusive 360° tour and get a load of the 1,280 square foot garage space.


  1. Plan 8318-00115 – “The Red Barndo”

Barn House Plan 8318-00115

Inspired by the rustic red color of a traditional barn, this single story barn house plan features a wide covered front porch with a central front entry. Plan 8318-00115 offers 3,277 sq. ft., 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, split bedrooms, an open floor plan, a loft, and a mudroom.


  1. Plan 963-00387 – “The Ranch Style Barndominium

Barn House Plans

This open concept barndominium showcases unique glass garage doors and a covered patio with a tall window wall to brighten the interior. With the master on the main floor, this two-story barndominium floor plan includes 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a loft within 2,079 square feet with an additional 1,164 square feet for the garage.


  1. Plan 5032-00152 – “A Barndo for an RV”

Barn House Plan 5032-00152

This industrial house plan is sized just right for those needing space for an RV. The impressive 1,480 square foot garage also includes a half bath. The inside of Plan 5032-00152 is complete with 2,311 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a wrap-around porch, a loft, and a mudroom.  


  1. Plan 963-00601 – “The Small Barndo”

Barndominium Plan 963-00601

A popular 1,460 square foot design, Plan 963-00601 proves that bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes all you need are the essentials. With 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and an open floor plan, Plan 963-00601 is complete with a garage workshop.


  1. Plan 9401-00114 – “A Barndo with Outdoor Living Space”


This dazzling house plan makes perfect use of every inch of its 2,486 square foot layout. No space is left unplanned for, as Plan 9401-00114 hosts 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a mudroom, an outdoor kitchen, and a study. Check out the 360° tour to walk through this well laid out plan.


  1. Plan 041-00260 – “The Classic Barndo”

Barndominium House Plans

A classic beauty, Plan 041-00260 offers a nostalgic nod to a simple country life. This 2-story barndominium plan boasts a spacious 2,992 square foot home design complete with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a loft, and a mudroom.


  1. Plan 6849-00064 – “The Grandiose Barndo”

Modern Farmhouse Plan 6849-00064

This popular house plan has marveled our customers since its arrival on our website with its spacious outdoor spaces and exceptional exterior details. The grand 4,357 square foot layout includes many unique features such as a butler’s pantry, a pet kennel, extra storage spaces, and a workshop. This 5-bedroom barn house plan also includes 4 bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, an open floor plan, a loft, a media room, a mudroom, and a study.


  1. Plan 963-00411 – “The Apartment Barndo”

Modern Farmhouse Plan 963-00411

Plan 963-00411 offers a versatile 2-bedroom barndominium floor plan that sits on top of a 1,554 square foot garage as an apartment. There are 2 bedrooms on the top floor and 1 bathroom in an open floor plan layout. The garage hosts space for 2 vehicles, an RV, a mudroom, and a half bathroom. This plan works well as a primary residence, investment property, or a great place for adult children needing a place to stay.


  1. Plan 963-00627 – “The Lakehouse Barndo”

Barn House Plans

Surrounded by windows and a covered wrap-around porch, this 2-story barndominium would make a great lake house. Its 3,205 square foot interior features soaring ceiling heights, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a large bonus room, a loft, and a mudroom.


  1. Plan 5032-00010 – “The Metal Barn House Plan

Farmhouse Plan 5032-00010

The practicality of Plan 5032-00010 along with its metal siding has made it extremely popular with our customers. Offering a guest bedroom, this 2-story, 2,160 square foot plan includes 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a loft, an open floor plan, and a mudroom.


  1. Plan 5032-00119 – “The Wrap-Around Barndo”

Barn Plan 5032-00119

This highly sought after home plan makes the most of all of its indoor and outdoor spaces. The covered front porch wraps around effortlessly! A wrap-around porch provides a wealth of outdoor living space. While the garage hosts space for 3 cars, storage, and a workshop with access to a half bathroom. The interior presents exceptional use of its 2,765 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a den, a loft, and an open floor plan. Get to know this floor plan even better with the 360° tour!


  1. Plan 5032-00151 – “The Most Popular Barn”

Barndo House Plans

Beautifully composed of mixed material with a touch of the traditional red color, Plan 5032-00151 is our best selling barndominium. Graced with a desirable wrap-around porch, this barndo design fancies a spacious 2,123 square foot garage with an RV bay and space for a workshop. The interior is outfitted with cathedral ceilings, an open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. This house plan also offers a loft above the garage and an optional basement foundation. Admire this barn floor plan up close with a 360° tour!


Barn House Plan Tour

360° interior image of Plan 5032-00151



Now that you’ve gotten to know our top 20 barndominium floor plans, which one was your favorite? Even if you didn’t quite see one that suits you from that list, we carry a range of plans within this style. From small barndo floor plans to plans reaching over 4,000 square feet, we have a growing number of barndominium plans. We also offer modifications for all of our house plans. You can tweak and change any of our plans to meet your needs. For more information on our barndominium floor plans, reach out to our knowledgeable customer service staff for friendly, personal, and speedy service!

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