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Why Are Craftsman House Plans So Popular?

Craftsman House Plan 041-00188

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Craftsman style homes emerged in the late 19th century and remain popular today among homebuilders looking for charming details, unique style, and an undeniably “homey” feel.


The Origins of the Craftsman House Plan

Created by William Morris, Craftsman architecture was created in response to the Arts and Crafts movement that started around the mid-19th century. Early Craftsman homes emphasized handwork instead of mass-produced designs and focused on simplicity of form, the visibility of handicraft, originality, and the use of local natural materials. In essence, Craftsman style homes are well-designed with an emphasis on function, charm, and quality.


Craftsman House Plan 041-00188

Since Craftsman homes were first introduced, this unique house style has topped the charts as the most popular style of house plans. Because the Craftsman style offers high-quality workmanship and unique design details, Craftsman homes tend to be simple yet elegant with the delicate combination of functionality and originality to create the classic Craftsman style.
Common Characteristics of Craftsman House Plans


  • Stucco, lapped or shingle siding
  • Casement windows or multiple windows arranged in banks
  • Spacious covered, front porches
  • Low-pitched roofs that are sometimes gabled or hipped
  • Unique custom features, such as window seats
  • Tapered columns
  • Knee braces
  • Wide, overhanging eaves
  • Built-in, handcrafted cabinetry, such as buffets or bookcases
  • Fireplaces made of native stone or brick
  • Open floor plans
  • Single dormers
  • Exposed rafter beams and tales
  • Natural materials from the location- like wood and stained glass
  • Large, noticeable chimneys
  • Triangular pitches
  • Front doors with 3+ windows

Craftsman House Plan 699-00129
According to a Trulia survey of 2,000+ American adults, the top American home styles are:

  • Craftsman house plans at 43%
  • Ranch homes at 41%
  • Colonial style at 36%

Interestingly, these preferences change by age group: Millennials, age 18–34, prefer craftsman-style homes while older adults over 55+ were more likely to build ranch house plans.


Craftsman House Plan 4771-00013
Since the inception in the late 19th century, homeowners continue to love the charming details, open floor plans, and large front porches of Craftsman style homes. Do YOU love the Craftsman style? Comment and let us know what you love the most about Craftsman house plans.

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