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Why choose a house plan with a mudroom?

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Sometimes, it really is the little things, that make a house a home. When choosing the right house plan for your future, most people focus on the really big ideas or design elements but it’s usually the simple spaces that make the biggest difference.


Whether you are searching for a house plan or rethinking your current home, consider adding a mudroom or drop off zone. Every home has a place where stuff gets stashed, coats are dropped and supplies are hidden and while this traditionally, may have been in several areas of your home, there is a one-stop space in which to better organize your life. These helpful areas are usually tucked away inside an entryway, creating the perfect space for taking off and storing outdoor items before entering the main parts of the house.

Traditional Plan 286-00016
Usually, near the front door or the garage, a mudroom offers a dedicated space:

  • For storing shoes, book bags, briefcases, etc.
  • To keep dirt and outdoor debris from entering the main home
  • For putting on and taking off shoes
  • To save money on shampooing carpets, cleaning floors, and heating the living room


The mudroom provides storage for your family while maintaining a sense of livability and tidiness to a home. In today’s hectic lifestyle, a mudroom creates a sense of peace and comfort by dedicating a space for handling all the “stuff” we accumulate and use in our daily lives, without having it interfere with our tidy and comfortable living spaces.

Country Plan 286-00072


If you live in a state that experiences winter, mudrooms are even more helpful because they contain the mess of wet, winter clothes. Most mudrooms include floor to ceiling cabinets or lockers for the ultimate in storage to contain those sloshy messes.


Originally, a mudroom was the entrance used by family members and was located in the back of the home, used as a barrier between the outdoors and indoors. Farmers and children would come in from the fields and have a wash basin in which to clean themselves up in and a place to also remove their dirty clothes and shoes. When indoor plumbing became available, the mudroom went by the wayside as space was at a premium and the new laundry room was installed towards the back of the home. If the mudroom is located off the garage, think of this as an additional barrier to keeping your home clean and free of clutter.

Modern Plan 5631-00079


As you decide whether or not you need a mudroom, there are several important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Will your house be built in a state that experiences seasonal weather? If you plan to live within a state that experiences all four seasons, a mudroom with lots of cubby holes, hooks, and storage space will be ideal to store items such as coats, hats, boots, rain jackets, etc.
  2. Do you require space between the entrance to your house (garage or otherwise) and the living spaces? Many families enjoy having a room in between the garage or entrance to their home and the living area. This minimizes the number of times floors need to be cleaned and allows space for family members to store muddy or dirty shoes prior to entering the house itself.
  3. How much storage space will you need? A mudroom can be an important component to the amount of storage within a house. If you prefer to store additional cold weather or sporting gear, or cleaning components, within a common area, a mudroom can be a great place to easily locate these types of items.

Traditional Plan 041-00150


Remember that many mud rooms are multi-purpose rooms and can be used as organizational hubs, laundry rooms, or storage spaces. To search our over 1,700 house plans with mudrooms, click here. You can also message our customer service representatives directly on our website.


Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall is the owner of America’s Best House Plans and has over 15 years of experience in the home design industry. He focuses his time on the day-to-day operations while also keeping up to date on industry news and working to perfect the customer service experience.

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