One-Floor Living with Modern House Plans

house plans, modern house plansOne of the biggest trends in modern home design is house plans with just one floor. Homeowners today are looking for modern house plans with one floor for a number of reasons. There are many single-story modern house plans available at America’s Best House Plans. Read on to learn why you should consider them.

Increased Accessibility

When searching for modern house plans, many home builders are looking for a place they can call “home” for the rest of their lives. Many also have elderly parents moving in with them. Both of these are great reasons to look for modern house plans with one floor. The increased accessibility means that everyone can call the space “home,” even if they have limited mobility. The design lets residents of all ages feel comfortable in the space for years without ever having to consider a move based on mobility issues. Homeowners today are looking for modern house plans with one floor for a number of reasons.

More Energy Efficient

Modern house plans that have only one floor require less energy consumption for cooling and heating. Houses with a single level can often accommodate more efficient heating and plumbing systems as well. Living on one floor also keeps room temperatures more even, helping you save money while conserving precious resources.

Easier Maintenance

Single-story modern house plans are often smaller than their counterparts with many levels. This makes maintenance easier. You won’t have to worry about keeping up many levels and instead can focus your time and energy on just one level. Ultimately, living in a smaller modern house plan with one floor can free up more time, energy and resources to do what you love instead of maintaining your home.

Easier Renovations

Modern house plans with one single floor are more accessible, making them easier to renovate. They are often less expensive to remodel or expand than multi-story homes.

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