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Why Choose a Narrow Lot House Plan?

Narrow Lot House Plan 034-01030

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Finding the right lot of land to build on is the first step in the home building process. The slope, location, and size of the lot help determine which house plan you build. If you have acres to build on, you can choose any size house you want. But if you choose land in a suburban area, for example, the size of the lot can be limited. Many of these lots are narrow which limits the number of house plans that can be built on them.

Narrow Lot Plan 034-01030


If your lot is narrow, you have two choices when it comes to picking a house plan.


  1. Modify your favorite house plan to fit the lot
  2. Choose a narrow lot house plan


Building a new home from the ground up on a narrow lot does not have to require customized house plans. We have almost 2,000 narrow lot house plans that are more accommodating to your limited land. Our Narrow Lot house plans are typically no more than 40 feet in width with a few exceptions and can be 1 or 2 stories high in order to extend the square footage.


Building up is the most common option when constructing a home on a narrow property lot. But you can include a basement in your new home, giving you a ton more square footage.

Modern Plan 034-01061


Characteristics of Narrow Lot House Plans


  • Range in square footage and dimensions: Our narrow lot house plans rang from 414 sq. ft. to 5,700 sq. ft. so we definitely have the right house plan for you.
  • Present a unique use of space: Some plans offer multiple stories with living spaces on different floors from kitchen or bedrooms. They creatively place rooms to offer maximum living areas with minimal square footage.
  • Offer a variety of styles: From traditional to cape cod to modern farmhouse, our narrow lot house plans come in all styles. Make the most of your time by learning the best way to search for your perfect house plan.

Luxury Plan 009-00206
Remember: Not all of the homes classified as narrow lot house plans will fit on your specific lot. It is essential that you confirm lot dimensions, individual city, county, and state building codes, as well as each plan’s building specifications.
Do not let the size of your lot limit your choices! We offer over 1,976 Narrow Lot house plans from which to choose — in a variety of sizes and styles. These house plans may be used on a range of lots, but are particularly suited for relatively narrow ones. Enjoy searching!

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