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Creating an Outdoor Oasis

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As you begin planning the details of your new home, one of the most exciting opportunities lies in the ability to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home. Outdoor living spaces are an extension of the home and create bigger and better entertaining spaces. With more homeowners entertaining at home, these outdoor rooms provide a generous amount of space in which to comfortably relax and enjoy gathering with family and friends.

Luxury House Plan 2559-00615


The trend towards bringing the indoors outside has now transitioned to bringing indoor comforts and materials to the outdoors. These new outdoor retreats can run the gamut from luxurious and expensive to simple and low budget. The charm is not necessarily in the money spent but in the planning and labor involved in creating a unique and creative space well suited to your family. Thanks to advances in all-weather materials, furnishings, and accessories, you can highlight an outdoor living space in the same manner as your indoor space.


Luxury Plan 1018-00002


Enjoying your outdoor space can be accomplished with something as simple as an area to lounge in, a space to read a book or quietly daydream in and perhaps even a spot to enjoy a meal. There are numerous ways to create the ideal outdoor areas:


Outdoor kitchens –

Backyard cooking areas can be elaborate, with entire kitchens featuring islands, refrigerators, wine coolers, grilling and barbecuing equipment, sinks and counter space, or a simple space with a grill and a dining table. Dining al fresco is a wonderful way to spend an evening with family and friends and it could not be easier outdoors.

Lake Front Plan 699-00011


Pools and Water Features –

Creating a relaxing environment using water is incredibly common especially in the southern states where summers are very hot. Besides the joy of a welcoming pool, some families have created calming areas with streams, rivers, and ponds.


French Country House Plan 341-00274


Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Bring warmth to the outdoors and create a comfortable experience with a fireplace or fire pit. Place the outdoor furniture around a fireplace to develop a relaxing sitting area. As more people use their outdoor spaces, having an inviting and climate controlled space offers the ability to enjoy these spaces later into the year.


Craftsman House Plan 341-00296


Outdoor living rooms and dining rooms –

Bring the comforts of the indoors outside by using weather-resistant furniture to create a relaxing environment. Many homeowners want to make their outdoor living spaces an extension of their personalities by designing “rooms” to synchronize with their interior design choices.

Luxury Plan 1018-00075


A Lanai –

This covered outdoor area is an open-sided veranda that gives you the protection of a roof and the ability to enjoy the outdoors without walls blocking the views and breeze. If winter weather and climate regions dictate a more enclosed area, try screening in your space or adding a sunroom for a more insulated area.

Coastal House Plan 207-00023


Porte Cochere –

This is a unique, roofed structure that usually extends from the home over the driveway to provide shelter for those getting in or out vehicles. A Porte Cochere adds substantial character to a home while also giving valuable coverage from the weather.

Northwest House Plan 699-00073


More Leisure, Less Labor

As homeowner become more interested in their outdoor living rooms, industry technology has increased and now offers low maintenance options for decking, lighting, furniture and even fabric choices. Composite decking is a real bonus for your outdoor space as it is comparatively beautiful and there is little maintenance. Good lighting becomes necessary as the days shorten and people spend more time outdoors in the comfort of their own home. Path lighting, lights strung along the exterior and even torch lighting with citronella candles offer a bug-free, safe and well-lit area free of annoyances and hazardous conditions.


Take the fun outdoors, enjoy your family and friends, and refresh yourself in your new outdoor space. Savor good meals in the company of those you love, read an encouraging or well-loved novel underneath the stars or gather around the fire and appreciate the sounds of nature in the comfort of your own home.

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