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A Master Bedroom On The First or Second Floor: Which do you Prefer?

Modern Farmhouse House Plan 098-00316

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Should the master bedroom be on the first floor or second floor? THAT is a pivotal question! While master bedrooms on the first floor are increasing in popularity, is it the right fit for you? Take a moment to read and weigh all the pros and cons each option presents before making this crucial decision.

Modern Farmhouse House Plan 098-00316

Modern Farmhouse House Plan 098-00316

Easy Access
 While the traditional layout of a two-story home calls for the master bedroom to be located upstairs, it is ideal for those with mobility issues, disabilities, or those who just don’t want to climb up the stairs on a daily basis to have a first-floor master. Being on the first floor also means you have access to the other rooms you’ll use every day such as the kitchen, garage, and laundry room.


Another issue to consider is noise control. If you have family or friends staying over, or temporarily living with you, and you have an earlier bedtime than everyone else, having your master suite near the common rooms might make sleeping difficult. A master bedroom on the second floor gives you a relaxing refuge in which to escape the downstairs noise.

Ranch House Plan 940-00062

Ranch House Plan 940-00062

Distance from the Children
Depending on your family’s needs at the time of your build, having a master bedroom on the first floor is a luxurious feature that parents often appreciate. With this type of configuration, kids are able to play with their toys or their noisy video games and teenagers are able to be … well teenagers, talk on the phone, listen to music, so on and so forth, all while not disturbing your independent space.


However, not all parents are comfortable with the idea of putting space between them and their small children. The needs of a young child are constant, and even with a monitor, if a need arises someone will have to make countless trips up and down the stairs in the middle of the night to accommodate the needs of their little ones. Security against the unthinkable also plays a part in desiring to be all on one floor. If this is your dilemma, a master suite on the second floor near the other bedrooms may be a better fit.

Traditional House Plan 009-00280

Traditional House Plan 009-00280

Building your Forever Home
If you’re building a forever home, a major factor to consider is what life will look like in 10 to 20 years. A master bedroom on the first floor is ideal for aging comfortably in your home. Even if, in the unforeseen future, you need to sell your home, the resale value increases with a first-floor master. On the other hand, by building up instead of out, you can include the master on the second floor, dedicating more space to the common rooms used on the first floor.

Mountain House Plan 8504-00085

Mountain House Plan 8504-00085

Access to outdoor spacesMaster bedrooms allowing for private access to outdoor living spaces are increasingly becoming a “must-have” amenity. With the kitchen at your fingertips, grabbing your morning coffee and taking a few moments soaking in the morning sun off the patio before starting the day is easier with the master bedroom on the first floor. The same, though, can be said for a master on the second floor with a private balcony or deck. Though the kitchen wouldn’t be in close proximity, the position of a second-floor master takes full advantage of the house lot’s views.


The pros and cons related to the location of your master bedroom depend solely on your family’s specific needs. The good news is we offer over 13,000 house plans with the master bedroom on the first floor and over 3,000 house plans with the master bedroom on the second floor. We’ve got you covered! Furthermore, if you found a plan that you love but aren’t happy with the placement of the master bedroom, there are no worries as the plan can be easily modified. Still can’t make up your mind between the two? Who says you have to? Check out our house plans with two masters to get the best of both worlds.

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