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1.5 Story Home Designs

Designed with resourcefulness in mind, the 1.5-story house plans offer a well-thought-out compromise between single and two-story homes. The uniqueness of this layout optimizes the use of space within a home for creative storage options, bedrooms, a bonus room, or a loft. In addition, due to the openness of the second level, one and a half story house plans allow for soaring ceiling heights and an excellent overview of the main floor.

European and Country homes are just two of the many distinctive styles for one and a half story house plans. Adding dormers, creative nooks, crannies, and multi-purpose upper-level rooms creates homes with unique character and flair.

How can a house be 1.5 stories?

On the exterior, 1.5-story house plans can be as tall as a full two-story home, giving them the beauty and curb appeal of a 2-story home. The difference between a 2-story floor plan and a 1.5-story floor plan lies within the interior.

Typically, one story and a half house plans detail a configuration of the primary bedroom on the main floor while the remaining bedrooms are on the second level. With this configuration, the main floor has a larger footprint than the upper floor.

What is a 1.5-story house called?

There’s no unique name for homes with one and a half stories, though they are sometimes casually referred to as half story homes.

What style is a 1.5-story house?

When it comes to style, there’s no specific design you need to stick to when working with 1.5-story house plans. Instead, at America’s Best House Plans, we offer a variety of designs, from Traditional house plans to Craftsman house plans, depending on your tastes.

How tall is a one and a half story house?

Since 1.5-story house plans have a part of their home that’s 2 stories tall, they’re typically around 20 feet tall at the tallest point of the house. However, since the entire house isn’t two stories, the height of the home won’t be the same across the floor plan.

What makes a home 1.5 stories?

A home is considered to have a half story when the second story doesn’t stretch the entire length of the home’s first floor footprint.

What is the difference between a 2-story house and a 1.5-story house?

The difference between 1.5-story house plans and 2-story plans is, as stated above, that the second story doesn’t extend the entire length of the home, thus not making it a complete second story in the home. Most 1.5-story house plans with the primary bedroom on the main floor have the remaining bedrooms on the half story second floor on a portion of the home.

What are reverse 1.5-story house plans?

With reverse 1.5-story house plans, instead of the half story on top of the house, it goes on the bottom! One common feature with reversed designs is 1.5-story house plans with a walkout basement. This is an excellent way to add more privacy to the bedrooms, typically in the half story. In addition, the additional entry point is perfect for teens, tenants, or guests.

What is the main advantage of a one- and one-half story house?

One great feature of a 1.5-story house plan is its ability to allow the homeowners the option to age in their home and retain enough space overhead to feature rooms for overnight or long-term guests since the primary bedroom is on the main floor.

With so many one-story and half-house plans to choose from, we recommend using our filters on the left of this page to select additional features that are important to you when choosing the right home design for you. Then, if you’re still not seeing the perfect design, learn more about our modification services for every plan on the website.


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