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Safe Rooms for Your New Home

Country House Plan 036-00243

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One of the biggest design trends in new homes is safe rooms.* With all of the natural disasters we have experienced over the last several years, people are starting to think about ways to protect their families should Mother Nature wreak havoc on their community. A safe room may be a necessity for this very reason. Unlike any other room in the house, a safe room is a fortified room hidden inside the home that is constructed with a high-security lock, thus providing you and your family with shelter against home invasions or natural disasters.
European House Plan 110-00989

European House Plan 110-00989


Where to add a safe room?
One of the easiest ways to add a safe room to a new home plan is with a basement due to the fact that they are below ground and naturally resistant to wind damage. Without making any changes to the typical basement, you will have walls that will withstand even the highest wind speeds.


To take your basement safe room one step further, you may want to add a structural ceiling. This ceiling will help protect the occupants if the home above succumbs to wind forces. Falling debris can be extremely dangerous, so by adding a solid, structural ceiling, you will increase the likelihood of your family being unharmed.


In order to keep costs low, you may decide to create a small safe room in the basement with the structural ceiling. If your house plan already has a basement, the safe room can be incorporated through a simple modification to the plan.


Country House Plan 036-00243

Country House Plan 036-00243


Utilize Existing Space
For coastal residents or those at risk of a storm surge, a safe room in the basement will not be an option. Your best option would be to utilize existing space either in the closet of the master bedroom, the office, living room, or somewhere on the first floor that you can turn into a safe room. Reinforced concrete block or poured concrete walls can be added to that room to create a wind-resistant structure.


European House Plan 110-00999

European House Plan 110-00999


Safe Room Ready
Though safe rooms serve a highly functional purpose, beyond the vaulted doors lies the potential for comfortable living. The following are a few necessary emergency preparations to have on hand and stocked in your safe room**:

  • Water 
  • Food
  • First-aid kit
  • A portable toilet and essential toiletries
  • Baby needs, if necessary
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Change of clothing
  • A battery-operated radio


While you’re shifting through house plans adding a safe room may need to be at the top of your list. Don’t worry if you’ve already found your dream house plan and it doesn’t include a safe room, modificationscan be made to all house plans.
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**Stocking a Safe Room: Crucial Supplies to Have on Hand

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