Modern Farmhouse Plan 3571-00003


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Sq Ft 3,328
Beds 4
Bath 3
1/2 Baths 1
Car 2
Stories 2
Width 62' 4"
Depth 50' 7"

Floorplan Drawings

Main Floor
Main Floor for House Plan #3571-00003
Second Floor
Second Floor for House Plan #3571-00003
Detached Garage
Detached Garage for House Plan #3571-00003

What's Included in these plans?

Cover Sheet
Cover sheet typically includes a front view of the plan (may be in color), index of pages included, and other miscellaneous notes and details.

Foundation Plan & Details
Foundation plans describe to the builder, the type of foundation requested by the homeowner.  These foundation plans are for dimensional control and are to be used as the basis for the local structural engineer to design the foundation for sizing, spans, etc.

Floor Plans
The floor plans locate all walls, interior and exterior, of the entire building, denote ceiling heights and treatments, locate all plumbing fixtures, cabinets, door and window locations and sizes, gives square footage measurements, notes rods, shelves, built-ins, and other pertinent and unique features of the design, locate water heaters and, when needed, hvac systems. 

Exterior Elevations
The exterior elevations are used to depict the exterior finishes (brick, siding, stucco, etc.), roof styles (hip or gable), plate heights, ridge heights, and window styles, and overhang lengths. The exterior elevations include a front, right, rear, and left elevation, unless design dictates more.

Building Sections
The building sections describe to the builder how a particular plan is to be built.  Typically, if the plan is a two-story home, the section goes through the stair to describe tread depth and riser height.  On some plans, this may include the insulation R-value in the walls, ceiling and floor cavity.  Other plans will have a stand-alone wall section.  Some building sections are used to describe to a builder a portion of the home design that may be atypical.

Roof Plan
The roof plan depicts the roof type, plate heights and roof slope of each plane.

Electrical Plan
The electrical plan depicts the general location of all interior and exterior electrical devices. This generally includes light switches, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, and smoke detectors. The electrical plan will also generally locate the breaker box and power entry.

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This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom Modern Farmhouse house plan features 3,328 sq ft of living space. America's Best House Plans offers high quality plans from professional architects and home designers across the country with a best price guarantee. Our extensive collection of house plans are easy to read, versatile, and affordable, with a seamless modification process available if your plans need to be changed to suit your lifestyle and personal choice.

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