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What Plans Include

Unique Plans From Hundreds of Designers

We work with hundreds of designers and architects to bring you over 20,000 house plans. Each plan was designed to meet industry standard residential building codes. Because of the large variety of plans we offer, you will find that each plan package is somewhat unique in the specific blueprints and architectural drawings that are included. The complete specs for each plan are provided on each plan detail page, including a list of the architectural drawings included and any unique terms and conditions.

It is important to note that the plan detail pages display simplified floor plans and elevation renderings for preview purposes, and do not show the same level of detail that come with the actual working drawings. The plans you receive will include fully specified blueprints for each sheet included with the plan, whether it is exterior elevations, the foundation plan, or the individual floor plans for each level.

Simplified Floor Plan Image

Simple Floor Plan Example

Actual Blueprints

Blueprints Example

*Not all elevation views are available for preview on plan details pages. If a view you require is not available, please contact us for assistance.

Because each plan is unique, it's important to check the plan detail page to see what's included with each plan.

What Do Plans Typically Include?

Though each plan includes a different combination of sheets, the majority of our plans come with the following:

Exterior Elevations

Display the layout of the building from the outside perspective. This typically includes the front, sides, and rear elevation as well as windows, doors, and exterior materials (such as siding, brick, etc.)

Example Elevation Drawing1
Example Elevation Drawing 2

Floor Plans

Focus on the view of the house as if it were sliced horizontally at a level that would include all doors and window openings.

Example Floor Plan Drawing 1
Example Floor Plan Drawing 2

Foundation Plan

Present a top view of the footings, foundation walls, and the location of posts, beams, and load bearing walls as necessary.

Example Foundation Plan

Electrical Plan

Shows the location and type of all lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles, and wiring necessary for the house.

Example Electrical Plan

Miscellaneous Details

Includes construction details that can include framing details, wall sections, stair sections, etc.

Example Miscellaneous Drawing 1
Example Miscellaneous Drawing 2

Not Typically Included With Our Plans

The following sections are not typically included with our plans, but many plans do include these additional sections. While our house plans include all the information needed to construct your home, some of these additional items may be required by your local municipality. Prior to purchasing a set of house plans, we recommend you contact your builder, a local engineer, and building officials to learn your city, county, and state building codes. Cross reference the plan detail page to determine what else is needed.

Some items you may need to acquire in addition to your house plan include:

Architectural or Engineering Stamp

Depending on the city, county, and state building requirements, house plans may need to be reviewed by an architect or engineer for structural details and code standards.
Contact a local architect or engineer to verify the requirements for your location.

Site Plan

A site plan essentially shows how the house will fit on the lot between the building lines and the setbacks. This document also shows, based on the typography of the land, which side the garage should be built on and where parking, drainage, sewer lines, water lines, lighting, landscaping, and walkways should be constructed.
Contact a civil engineer to obtain the site plan.

Mechanical Drawings

These types of technical drawings show information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Contact a local HVAC company to obtain mechanical drawings.

Plumbing Drawings

These drawings show the location of all plumbing materials through the house and outside.
Contact a local plumbing contractor.

Energy Calculations

These calculations determine how energy efficient your new home will be.
Contact your local engineer to dictate these calculations.

Truss Packages

This information determines the structural framework of the timbers used to build the home.
Contact a local truss company.

Materials List

This is a complete list of the materials needed to build this specific home. A material list is offered by some of our designers at an additional cost.
Contact a local building supply company to create this list.

Framing layouts with beam sizes and locations are not always included in our house plans. If the framing layouts are not included in the house plan, contact a local building supply company or engineer to obtain this information.

Do Your Plans Come Stamped by an Architect or Engineer?

Stock house plans do not come stamped by an architect or engineer. While our plans are designed to meet the national building codes; some municipalities may require plan review by a licensed architect or structural engineer in your local area. Please check with your local building officials to determine if an architect’s stamp is required and, if so, it will be necessary to have a local architect do this before construction begins.