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Georgia, situated in the Southeast corner of the U.S., was established in 1732 as the last of the 13 original colonies. The port city of Savannah was America’s first planned city and even today attracts millions of visitors, as well as the capitol city of Atlanta, with their varied and diverse architectural housing and building styles. Diverse geographical regions dot the landscape of Georgia, from the Coastal plains to the Blue Ridge Mountains and all that lies in between; whereby, these varying regions have contributed to the differing styles of home building, both past and present. Due to Georgia’s rich and lengthy architectural history and traditions, houses make up more than three-quarters of all the historic buildings in Georgia.

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Like most Southern states, Georgia, has a wide variety of architectural styles due to the diversity and size of the region with a majority of homes being characterized as traditional with French and Colonial influences. Of course, various geographical regions also result in varying climates and weather conditions and our collection of Georgia house plans reflect these stylistic differences while exceeding industry standards. From Low Country house plans found amongst the Coastal plains of Georgia to the Contemporary urban house plans suitable for the heart of downtown Atlanta, our dynamic collection of house designs are ever changing and evolving, much like the history of Georgia. America’s Best House Plans has a diverse and distinct catalogue of the representative housing styles of Georgia that include Low Country homes. Suitable for the hot and humid climates of Georgia, our collection of Coastal homes provide shelter and shade through the use of low pitched, expansive porches, abundant windows to assist with air flow and pier foundations that capture cooling breezes. Travelling the corridor from the Coastal plains to the capitol city of Atlanta, where Victorian cottages, Craftsman bungalows and Contemporary homes exist, America’s Best House Plans, offers home designs that best represent the continuing influence of the state’s heritage and history. Beyond the continuing influence of the Georgian, Federalist and Antebellum housing styles, lie the mountainous regions of North Georgia where Log Cabin and Lodge inspired homes dominate the landscape taking advantage of panoramic vista views and the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. Once again, America’s Best House Plans, is at the forefront of the housing industry featuring an outstanding assortment of home styles and variations for the area while partnering with our customer’s for their pleasure and comfort.