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Are you searching for a detailed, grand house plan that reflects your desire for beauty in everyday surroundings? Look no further than our collection of Victorian house plans. These designs represent a commitment to the history and features of the ever-popular 19th-century architectural style combined with a vision for incorporating modern features and design elements.

A Victorian home generally meant any house built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901) and coming on the heels of the Industrial Age (1750-1850). This revolutionary period saw fundamental changes in agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and the cultural structure of societies. Originating in England, this extraordinary period was all-encompassing and revolutionary for introducing a new and different "way of doing things." 

While Victorian homes are routinely characterized as Victorian style, Victorian is not a style but more a period in history; however, this era included various subsets of home styles that included:

  • Second Empire Style
  • Gothic Revival Style
  • Queen Anne Style
  • Stick Eastlake Style
  • Folk Victorian Style
  • Italianate Style

Often, old Victorian house plans are situated on narrow property lots when the in-town property was at a premium in price and availability, which is undoubtedly still the case today. While you may find single-story plans today, most Victorian homes with luxurious floor plans are two- or three-story-high. Occasionally, a residential elevator is included to make traveling the multiple floors easily accessible.

These utterly charming homes, with their towers, turrets, and elaborate porches, reflect the beauty and aesthetic value of ornamentation and ostentatious detailing. Intricate embellishments, both on the exterior and interior, were, and continue to be, wonderfully fanciful and highly desired as design features on one of the most beloved home styles in America and the world.

The exteriors of these homes are asymmetrical with varying roof lines, feature distinct personalities, and are as unique and individualized as your imagination. Intricate and grand entrances were, and still are, highlighted on the home's exterior and may include elaborate staircases featuring bold and substantial wood trim or gorgeous ironwork. These classic homes typically have wraparound porches, many with attached gazebos, intricate decorations, and, perhaps, a crow's nest or widow's walk overhead. Grand color schemes are often featured on the exterior of Victorian homes. The ubiquitous gingerbread trim we commonly associate with Victorian home plans can still be seen on most homes' surfaces.

Although initially built in answer to mass production and the development of affordable and accessible design materials, Victorian homes have continued to capture homeowners' imagination with their unique, bold, and innovative design features. 


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