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Whether it's a woodsy dwelling, a lakefront estate, or a mountainous lodge, cabin house plans to invoke an adventurous residence with character and charm. Their craftsmanship typically blends harmoniously with their surroundings, using rustic materials such as logs, timber, and stones.

A cornerstone of intentional living, cabin-style home designs are fashioned to blend beautifully with their natural surroundings, reflect your value for the environment, and offer purposeful measures to become removed from day-to-day life. Whether designed for a primary or vacation home, cabin house plans provide a relaxed lifestyle, uncomplicated living, and returning to "Mother Nature."

Their overall construction generally entails large windows to take in nature's beauty, minimal embellishments that help keep the cost down, and a porch or deck as the essential feature. Various porch and deck layouts are found in our cabin floor plans collection. These outdoor layouts are perfect for soaking in the crisp, cool air during the day and star gazing at night. 

Moreover, cabin house plans come in many different styles and shapes. Whether A-frame, log cabins, or mountain rustic, please search through our collection for a cabin home plan to achieve your desired residential experience. Once that plan has been found, please take advantage of our Cost to Build report to determine the construction cost of your dream cabin house plan.

What makes a house a cabin?

In the past, the word cabin was usually used to refer to a small, rustic home made from wood, stone, and brick. However, the term cabin can refer to something much larger than its simple predecessors. However, the building materials are still the same, and you'll always find cabins among nature.

What is the most straightforward cabin to build?

According to some experts, the simplest and easiest cabin house design to build is the vertical log cabin, which stacks the logs vertically instead of the more commonly seen horizontally stacked log cabins. As a result, they require minimal experience to build and don't cost as much as other methods.

How can I design my cabin?

You can design the cabin plans of your dreams however you like as long as they meet construction requirements. Experts have designed our plans to meet those requirements, so you can be confident anything you choose here will meet the specs. If you want to make further customizations, you can submit a request to our design team, and they will send you a no-obligation quote for the modifications.

What's a good size for a cabin?

A "good size" for a cabin depends on several variables only you can decide on. When choosing the right cabin floor plans for you, here are some questions to ask:

  •  How many people will be staying here at the same time?
  • Will we be entertaining guests here?
  • Can people share bedrooms? Are they willing to share bedrooms?
  • Where will the cabin be located (remote in the mountains, lakeside, valley, etc.)?
  • Are there limitations on the size based on the land where the cabin will be built?

Frequently, cabins are considered recreational second homes for weekend getaways or short-term vacation living. This usage typically results in smaller floor plan choices for ease of living and maintenance. These smaller footprint plans may feature one-and-a-half-story floor plans with cozy family and friend gathering spots, warming fireplaces on the interior and exterior, and sleeping arrangements to include bunk rooms or overhead lofts.

These small cabin house plans maximize efficient space, feature versatile multi-purpose rooms, and highlight the correlation between indoor and outdoor entertaining space allowing for a spacious quality to the floor plan.

Vertical space becomes increasingly important when addressing limited property lot dimensions, and a modern design concept would be to incorporate an overhead loft space into the home's interior. These lofts can be used as sleeping quarters for overnight family members and guests or storage space.

Often accompanied by cathedral or vaulted ceilings, these overhead lofts create maximum space and availability of additional sleeping, relaxing, or storage space. Adding a spiral staircase or moveable ladder automatically makes an efficient means of adding space without subtracting from the original square footage of the interior.

An overhead loft can also be configured as a primary suite wholly devoted to the comfort of the homeowners, thereby increasing the main floor's use as an open living and entertaining area.

What is the difference between a cottage and a cabin?

These days, cabin and cottage are used interchangeably. In the past, the cabin was used to describe a small, single-room building that was crudely built, whereas cottages still had a rustic feel but were built to function more as a home. However, most people will understand what you mean if you use the word "cabin" to refer to a 2,000-square-foot, 4-bedroom home with a wraparound porch in the mountains.

What materials are used to make a cabin?

The essence of a cabin is what's used to make it: wood and stone. The materials are found in the surrounding landscape so that it blends seamlessly into their surroundings and lets you experience nature at its finest.

How do you make a modern cabin?

You can have the elements of a cabin house design and still modernize it without losing rustic energy. Keep the wood, stone, and brick that make cabins what they are, and clean up the lines on the home's interior to give it a modern feel. Even better, add bright home elements such as thermostats and light fixtures that upgrade the house and make it energy efficient.

Cabin house plans offer an opportunity to return to simpler times, a renewed interest in all things uniquely American, a rustic style of living, whether a small or large footprint, handsome detailing, and a welcome change of lifestyle pace. America's Best House Plans would be honored and appreciative of your interest in our extensive collection of cabin house plans.


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