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While the average new home has gotten 24% larger over the last decade or so, lot sizes have been reduced by 10%. Americans continue to want large, luxurious interior spaces; however, the trade-off seems to be, at least in some instances, a smaller property lot. The answer is that narrow lot house plans are slender home designs built up rather than out to fit a slim lot size. Their width varies, but most narrow lot house plans reach a limit of 50 feet or less in width. Many of our collection's narrow lot floor plans measure no more than 50 feet in width and can be built just about anywhere, given the appropriate lot size.

Home plans for narrow lots are sometimes known as shotgun houses due to their straight path from the front entry to the back door, thus theoretically allowing a bullet to pass straight through without hitting any rooms. Though slim, narrow home plans maximize all the living spaces within the home without compromising desirable home features. Many of our shotgun house plans include the primary bedroom on the main floor, an open floor plan, and an additional dedicated space such as a loft or a study

Building up and not out is the most obvious solution when constructing a home on a narrow property lot. These slim, narrow plans maximize space in creative and imaginative ways with varying height and width dimensions. Whether a one, two, or even a three-story house design, these quality homes feature modern amenities without sacrificing space or lifestyle choices. Typically, porches, balconies, and other outdoor spaces can be incorporated into the plans along with a garage, whether a rear-loading design, courtyard entry, or even a front-entry garage. An adequately designed narrow lot house plan functions as any other home, perhaps, even more so as a purposeful solution to challenging living spaces and modest property lots.

Although smaller in width, these beautiful home designs pack a big punch in terms of living space, storage space, and room design with great style and functionality.

There is no compromising or sacrifice regarding modern amenities, interior living space, or everyday conveniences homeowners have come to expect. The square foot range in our narrow house plans begins at 414 square feet and culminates at 5,764 square feet of living space, with the large majority falling into the 1,800 - 2,000 square footage range.

Enjoy browsing our selection of narrow lot house plans, emphasizing high-quality architectural designs drawn in unique and innovative ways.


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