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Are you searching for the perfect house plan for a lot in the city or populated area of town? Our collection of Narrow Lot House Plans provides the flexibility for building on very narrow lots. Each one of the house plans in our collection is 40 feet in width or less. Each one of these plans is unique, and the collection provides a variety from which to choose. Features of Narrow Lot House Plans include:

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  • High quality architectural designs. Our Narrow Lot House Plans represent the highest quality architectural design.†
  • Varied square footage and number of stories. This collection contains a wide range of sizes from which to choose. Additionally, Narrow Lot House Plans can range the gambit in terms of number of stories - from single story plans to four stories or more.
  • Varied architectural styles. This collection represents an array of architectural styles from which to choose.

Search through Narrow Lot House Plans to find the one that meets your needs.