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Mediterranean house plans display the warmth and character of the region surrounding the sea it’s named for. Both the sea and surrounding land of this area are reflected through the use of warm and cool color palettes that feature a melting pot of cultures, design options and visually pleasing homes. Azure, cool greens and the neutral white palette can decorate the exterior and interior of the home as well as the warm color palette reflected by the choice of gold, earthy terra cottas and bright yellows. This potpourri of color choices tie the climate of the Mediterranean region with its artistic and eclectic design choices resulting in a truly unique architectural style. This bold and striking home choice showcases an exterior that is immediately recognizable and offers stunning curb appeal with its use of smooth stucco exterior walls, substantial columned beams, soaring entrances, ornate ironwork and balconies, large viewing windows and tiled roofs, most often, red in color.

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Few home styles can rival the raw beauty, stunning curb appeal and the open interior and exterior entertaining spaces of the Mediterranean design. Mediterranean house designs exude a love of entertaining with a sense of luxury and is a favorite of warm, tropical climates; however, many homeowners have chosen to build this unique home style no matter the region or climate they inhabit. While most people equate Mediterranean homes with luxury and large floor plans, they can be easily adapted to suit any budget, lifestyle or square footage range.


While Mediterranean home exteriors are generally easily recognizable, the outdoor landscaping and interior design elements add considerable detail and power to the home’s appeal. Indicative of the mild and sunny climate of the Mediterranean region, the home’s exterior is enhanced by the addition of elaborate landscaping both in terms of hard (heavier design elements such as pavers, stone, rocks, courtyards) and soft scape (vegetation – trees, shrubs, flowers). Enormous courtyards, swimming pools, outdoor living areas and an abundance of covered porches or open decks are popular additions to the home’s exterior. Along with an abundance of color within the surrounding vegetation, these outdoor areas provide a relaxing area to entertain and/or spend enjoyable time with large groups of family and friends. Another aspect to the popularity of these home plans is the seamless way in which the indoor and outdoor areas integrate emphasizing an entirely open and luxuriously casual lifestyle. The interior layouts are typically reflected by an open, rectangular floor plan, multiple and large window views, soaring ceiling heights, textured wall surfaces and interior archways.

Key architectural design elements associated with Mediterranean house plans include:

  • Low pitched tile roof; oftentimes, red in color.
  • Exterior wall smooth stucco walls
  • Interior and exterior archways or textured surfaces
  • Courtyards, patios and covered porches
  • Barrel style roofing
  • Eclectic warm and cool color choices to reflect the region
  • Ornamental ironwork
  • Balconies

One and Two Story Homes

Typically Mediterranean style homes will feature one story floor plans or at most, two storied layouts. The interior floor plans are most often open with minimal closed or confined spaces resulting in a home ideal for family living and entertaining. Centrally located common rooms feature access to the rear outdoor space and usually a split bedroom plan or upper level bedrooms are highlighted on the plan. With a two storied plan, there is oftentimes, a luxurious double staircase housed within an elegant and spacious foyer giving the home the “wow” factor upon entry. Occasionally, there are formal living and dining rooms located towards the front entrance and the more casual family living and dining spaces are featured at the rear of the home. Abundant window views, interior archways and rambling open layouts along with multiple points of entry/exit to the outdoor living spaces create a light and sunny interior with easy access to the outdoor spaces. Having access to and bringing the outdoors inside is an integral design function of Mediterranean homes for leisurely enjoyment of these casual, yet elegant, oasis-like homes.

A favorite in Florida, California and any region with warm climates and Colonial Spanish history, Mediterranean home plans are well-suited for warm, sun-drenched areas of the country; however, these homes have become increasingly popular and it is not unusual to find them built from coast-to-coast. Early 19th century wealth and leisure led to seaside towns and resorts adopting this home style as a means of celebrating casual and coastal playgrounds for the rich and famous. Along with Spanish colonial history and the newly created tourism industry championing the “nouveau riche”, these homes continue to celebrate a casual and inspired outdoor living lifestyle.

Dual Masters and In-law Suites

Dual master suites with in-law quarters for multiple household members can be a big draw when designing and living in Mediterranean style homes. Since a large majority of these homes are single level plans, having a terrace or basement level is an ideal situation for aging parents, older children or creating additional bedrooms and recreational interior space for large families. These single structure homes are perfect, offering separate spaces within the home that allow family members to co-mingle while maintaining personal independence. Quite often, you may find a master suite on the main floor of the plan and the second master will be located overhead featuring a luxurious retreat; however, it may differ from a lower level in-law suite in that there is no kitchen or dining space but still offer sufficient space and amenities for family needs.

Basements and Bonus Rooms

While not all Mediterranean house plans are large, many of these homes feature substantial floor space and grand layouts. They may contain a terrace or basement level for multi-generational living or additional family space for young children and casual entertaining. Alternatively, these homes may feature overhead lofts or bonus rooms for the family; whether used as a playroom for small children, a lounge for older children or even a multi-purpose family space, these additional rooms create comfortable spaces for the family to enjoy.

Garage Options

Frequently, courtyard garages are the featured type of entry for Mediterranean house plans; however, these homes can offer a range of different garage entries/exits such as a front, side or rear entry. Even detached garages have found their place within the Mediterranean home style. Ultimately, the size and position of the property lot can determine the most suitable garage extension for a family’s needs and America’s Best House Plans features hundreds of plans to choose from as well as the ability to modify all our house plans.

Outdoor Space

Mediterranean homes are about enjoying family and friends, celebrating vibrant colors and soaking up the sun and outdoor energy. Many Mediterranean House Plans feature either a courtyard entryway or the presence of a courtyard in some other portion of the house plan’s exterior. Outdoor living is an important component of the lifestyle Mediterranean homes embody. These courtyards often provide additional living space that blends in well with the interior rooms of the house, consist of all shapes and sizes and often features lush and extensive gardens. Huge varieties of flowering fruit trees, bushes, flowers, ornamental trees and potted containers can add structure and beauty to the home’s outdoor living areas. In addition to courtyards, Mediterranean house plans may feature patios, covered verandahs, pools and covered lanais. These outdoor living spaces are typically used for recreational activities, living/dining rooms and are almost always open to the interior for a smooth transition between outdoor and indoor living making entertaining large gatherings of family and friends easily enjoyable.

Square Feet Ranges

Typically, you are not attracted to Mediterranean style homes while seeking a four square or Bungalow house plan; however, you may not need a house plan that is thousands of square feet either. Our collection of Mediterranean style homes feature plans from just over 700 square feet to plans in excess of 15,000 square feet; certainly a large scope from which to choose the ideal home for yourself and your family. This home category is truly an architectural style that can be tailored to meet any budget or floor plan.


Balance, whether in style or spirit, love of life and aesthetically pleasing architectural elements are the mainstay of the Mediterranean lifestyle. These homes represent family, color brilliance, contrasting patinas, extravagant landscaping and the sun kissed outdoors. Stucco siding, clay roof tiles, arched and soaring entrances, both on the exterior and interior, add charm and character to the home while well laid-out floor plans allow for meaningful time spent together with family and friends.