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Mediterranean house plans display the warmth and character of the region surrounding the Sea it’s aptly named for. The Sea and surrounding land of this area are reflected using warm and cool color palettes that feature a melting pot of cultures, design options, and visually pleasing homes.

What is a Mediterranean house plan?

Azure, cool greens, and the neutral white palette decorate the exterior and interior of the home, as well as the warm color palette reflected by the choice of gold, earthy terra cottas, and bright yellows. This potpourri of color choices ties the climate of the Mediterranean region with its artistic and eclectic design choices resulting in a truly unique architectural style.

Indicative of the mild and sunny climate of the region, the addition of elaborate landscaping enhances the home’s exterior both in terms of hard (heavier design elements such as pavers, stone, rocks, and courtyards) and soft scape (vegetation such as trees, shrubs, and flowers). Enormous courtyards, swimming pools, outdoor living areas, and an abundance of covered porches or open decks are popular additions to the home’s exterior.

What are Mediterranean houses made of?

While the design you end up choosing will be all yours, some key architectural features are found in most floor plans, and they include:

  • Low pitched tile roof; often red in color
  • Exterior wall smooth stucco walls
  • Interior and exterior archways or textured surfaces
  • Courtyards, patios, and covered porches
  • Barrel style roofing
  • Eclectic warm and cool color choices to reflect the region
  • Ornamental ironwork
  • Balconies.


What is the difference between the Mediterranean- and Spanish-style homes?

It’s easy to see how the styles can be confused with one another, but there is a difference. The most significant difference between the two styles can be found in the level of ornate design elements added to Mediterranean-style homes. On the other hand, Spanish-style homes, while open and airy, are much simpler in design and have an added luxury level.

How much does it cost to build a Mediterranean-style home?

Building a Mediterranean-style house costs anywhere between $350,000 to more than a million dollars. The wide range in cost is, of course, due to the variety of factors it takes to build a home, including materials, laborers, seasonality, and location of the home being built.

To get a closer estimate of the cost of building your dream home, we offer a Cost to Build Report on all of our designs that factors all of these items into a straightforward document.

Is it more expensive to build a Mediterranean house?

Because of the focus on detail and luxury around every corner, it should be no surprise that Mediterranean house plans are more expensive to build than other, more traditional, or contemporary home plans. However, the luxurious style can be scaled down to a smaller floor plan to build a beautiful home within a budget.

What is the modern Mediterranean style?

Modern Mediterranean homes keep the light, airy and natural elements of the Mediterranean style and discard some of the heavier Spanish Colonial and Italian Renaissance elements from the design. Instead, think big windows and spacious rooms, natural wood floors and furniture, and neutral paint tones without the heavy metal sculptural accent pieces found in more traditional homes.

What states are Mediterranean-style homes popular in?

You’ll find most of these types of homes in California, Florida, or any other Southern state amenable to the type of climate suite for this style of the house. However, just because you don’t live in the South doesn’t mean you can’t build the home of your dreams wherever you live!

Do Mediterranean houses have basements?

It depends on the location of the home. If located near the ocean, likely, the home will not have a basement since they aren’t permitted. However, many Mediterranean house plans have basements for homes built hundreds of miles away from the ocean.

Contact America’s Best House Plans today to learn more about our Mediterranean house plans and how our experts can help you design the home of your dreams.


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