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These unique house plans are reminiscent of traditional homes located on the Mediterranean Sea. Their stucco facades, tile roofs, and open, spacious floor plans offset their surrounding landscapes beautifully. Our extensive collection of Mediterranean House Plans represents this type of architectural style's growing popularity around the country. In terms of typical Mediterranean House Plans, features include:

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  • Courtyards. Many Mediterranean House Plans feature either a courtyard entryway or the presence of a courtyard in some other portion of the house plan. These courtyards often provide additional living space that blends in well with the interior portions of the house.
  • The use of specific materials. Mediterranean House Plans call for the use of specific materials that lend themselves well to warm, tropical climates, including stucco exteriors and clay tile roofs.
  • An array of sizes and number of stories. Many Mediterranean House Plans offer the efficient use of space; others provide for
    more extensive, vast floor plans. Additionally, some are single story plans, and others call for two or more stories.

This unique, extensive collection presents a varietyof options for those seeking to build. Search by size or popularity to find the one that meets your family's needs.