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First Floor Master House Plans

Today’s family lives, works, and plays in a different world than our parents and grandparents. With this difference in lifestyle comes different requirements for a home. First-floor master house plans are gaining popularity and are uniquely designed for the pleasure and comfort of homeowners.

Different generations find different value in homes with a master bedroom on the first floor. As they age and mobility becomes more limited, Baby Boomers have opted to keep as much of their living space on one floor as possible. It allows them the freedom to continue living independently; if the upper portion of their home is not being used, they can “close it down” and save money on their energy bills.

Gen X and elder Millennial parents value first floor master house plans for the separation and privacy it creates from their children, who are now also older and value their own privacy.

That is what makes our collection of house plans with first-floor master so popular. These plans allow for privacy and convenience, delineating the adult space and the remaining bedrooms. This presents great benefits for multi-generational homeowners. Parents can enjoy privacy from noisy children's areas, and aging homeowners can avoid climbing flights of stairs with an easily accessible bedroom.

However, just because the master bedroom is on the first floor, don’t think they have to be any less luxurious! Our master suites typically feature spacious bedrooms; sometimes, a separate sitting area, an oversized walk-in closet or double walk-ins, and an exclusive spa-inspired en suite bathroom.

What is it called when the master bedroom is on the first floor?

There’s no specific design style associated with first floor master house plans. You can build a home in virtually any style with the master bedroom on the first floor and still have it adhere to the design aesthetic, whether it’s a thoroughly traditional home or a modern farmhouse.

Is it better to have a master bedroom on the first or second floor?

While master bedrooms have been built on the second floor of homes in the past, many Boomer and Gen X home builders and buyers opt to have the master bedroom on the first floor for several reasons. The first major reason is that it offers a barrier between the parents and their typically older (occasionally adult) children. Another great benefit of two-story house plans with a master bedroom on the ground floor is the proximity to the rest of the home’s amenities. No more climbing up and down stairs to do laundry when the master is on the same floor as the laundry room! If you want to grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen in the morning and then sneak back to the bedroom, there are no stairs or additional rooms to bypass to get to that caffeine. First-floor master bedrooms increase the convenience of many simple daily tasks.

What is it called when a house has 2 master bedrooms?

A house with two master bedrooms is usually referred to as a dual master home.

Why do house plans put the master bedroom on the first floor?

There are several reasons why people choose to build first floor master house plans. Here are the most common three:

  1. Convenience - having all the amenities located on the same floor
  2. Privacy - having a master on the first floor improves privacy between themselves and any other family members or renters living in the home. 
  3. Saving money - If no one lives on the second story, choosing to have the master bedroom on the first floor can save money. The owners can “shut down” the top portion of the house when it’s not being used by guests and reduce their energy usage in the home.

Does a first-floor master add value?

Yes, a first-floor master bedroom does add value to your home since many buyers on the market are looking for this feature in their next home. If you’re considering building a house and considering it as something you may like, you are certainly not alone! Choosing house plans with a first-floor master is a smart decision that will net positive resale results should you decide to sell your home in the future. 


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