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Are you planning to build a brand new house that evokes a sense of grandeur and stateliness? Our Greek Revival House Plans embody the brilliance and splendor of ancient principles of architecture. These beautifully designed structures provide tremendous facades that are distinctive and unique, while maintaining a classical sensibility. As you search through our Greek Revival House Plans, the following are several features that many of these house plans offer to those seeking to build:

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  • Two or more stories. Many of the Greek Revival House Plans provide such stately facades because they have two or more stories included.
  • Exterior columns. Most all of the Greek Revival House Plans include columns on the front portion of the homes. Typically, this lends itself well to front porches and outdoor spaces. Additionally, it offers a very classical look. At times, these plans also call for the columns on the back portion of the house as well.
  • Open floor plans. Thought the Greek Revival House Plans provide many aspects of classical architectural design, they bring in the modern conveniences of open floor plans and larger spaces, perfect for growing families who desire to entertain.

As you search through our collection for Greek Revival House Plans, search by square footage or popularity for the one that meets your needs.