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Courtyard Entry House Plans

An endless variety of design options are available in our collection of courtyard entry house designs. Whether a simple L-shaped entrance into the home encompassing the front entry and garage or a highly complex vista of outdoor entertaining spaces, courtyard entrances continue to gain popularity in offering intimate, small footprint entertaining areas exclusively designed for a serene area in which family and friends can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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Simple rustic details, border shrubs and flowers featuring an evergreen backdrop and traditional handmade materials can evoke a lifestyle of a distant time and era. Bubbling water features, comfortable seating and an endless variety of attractive, well-placed shrub and flower containers provide an inviting space in which to enjoy family and friends. Seasonal weather changes feature an opportunity for a cast-iron fire pit, a change in the forestry of the space and a bit of mystery while extending an invitation to venture forward. Welcoming outdoor lighting, seating options and beautifully landscaped entries provide a private area for your family to wind down from the day’s stressors and escape while featuring a home lined with exotic and extended curb appeal.