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Searching for a home plan online is fast and easy! The difficult part may be pin pointing exactly what style and what features you want in your new plan. Our search tools can help save valuable time. Be as general or as precise as you like with your options. Then, view only those homes that meet your criteria. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Tip #1: You do not need to fill in every box. Filling in too many boxes or being too specific will narrow your search and the least amount of matches will be displayed.

Tip #2: If your results only display only a few plans, try eliminating some of your options in the search.

Tip #3: Selecting only a few options will display the most matches. (For example, give a square footage minimum and maximum only).

Tip #4: Experiment with the selections. Start off with the least amount of options and one by one add an option to narrow the number of plans displayed. (For example, start off with a square footage minimum and maximum. Then add number of bedrooms desired. If there are still too many plans displayed, add the number of baths desired. Mix and match the options to come up with different results.

Tip #5: For the maximum number of plans to be displayed, use our Quick Search option.

Tip #6: For the minimum number of plans to be displayed, use our Advanced Search option.

Tip #7: To view the entire database of plans, do not select any boxes and click the "search" button.

Quick Search

Our Quick Search is the fastest and easiest way to see the results from the options you selected. Choose your estimated square footage minimum and maximum, your plan width and depth or your type of plan.

Advanced Search

In addition to square feet, width and depth or type of plan selections, the Advanced Search allows you to further refine your search by selecting style of home, number of bedrooms, number of baths, garage entrance and many more.


Once you've decided on your home plan, ordering is also easy, fast and secure.