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Are you searching for a house plan that reflects your desire to conserve energy and utilize natural resources in a responsible way? Our collection of Passive Solar House Plans reflect the newest technologies and building methodologies, all employed with the goal of conserving energy, combined with the highest quality designs. Passive Solar House Plans typically feature:

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  • An Energy Star Approval. This designation signifies that each of these house plans has met or exceeded several metrics that conserve natural resources on a daily basis. Many Passive Solar House Plans within our collection have this energy star approval rating.
  • Conservation Guide.┬áMost of our┬áPassive Solar House Plans come with a 122-page conservation guide, outlining instructions on best practices for building.
  • Efficient use of space. Typically, Passive Solar House Plans are designed in order to conserve space. Open floor plans and high ceilings make small spaces feel larger in Passive Solar House Plans.

Passive Solar House Plans conserve energy in their use of materials and long-term vision for conserving natural resources. Browse our collection to find the house that meets your needs.