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The Modern House

Oftentimes, a common complaint concerning modern homes, is that they can seem cold, sterile and uninviting. So, how do you add warmth, vibrancy and color without adding “stuff” or cluttering up your home? You have obviously made a conscious decision … Continue reading

One-Floor Living with Modern House Plans

Homeowners today are looking for modern house plans with one floor for a number of reasons. Continue reading

The Beauty of Modern House Plans

Ideal for families who want efficient spaces with interesting architectural features, modern house plans stand out from cookie-cutter designs. Continue reading

Home Office Design Tips for Modern House Plans

Follow these tips to create the ideal home office space in modern house plans. Continue reading

Modern House Plan Designs

Many of the modern house plans at America’s Best House Plans share certain key design elements that make them favorites for new homebuilders. Continue reading

Creating Modern House Plans: What You Should Include

By applying analytical, scientific methods to design, modern architects create spaces that often counter expectations and rebel against traditional styles. Continue reading

Featured House Plan Style: Modern

Are you looking to build a beautiful home with an open, minimalist bent on design? What are your values in terms of art and the way your pieces of furniture and possessions appear in the context of your home? Do … Continue reading