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Tips for Designing Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Families gather for dinner, entertaining, conversing, and enjoying each other’s company and just like house plans, kitchens come in all sizes, layouts, and styles. The number of design options is endless and … Continue reading

How to design your kitchen in your favorite style

Designing your dream kitchen allows you to set the tone for designing the rest of the house. Plus its loads of fun! This crucial room not only has the superpower of providing a fabulous meal but can also create an … Continue reading

Kitchen Lighting Planning

One of the keys to a successful new home building project is proper planning for every last detail.  Among those for you to focus on is kitchen lighting planning.  From general lighting, to task lighting to ambient, mood lighting, it’s … Continue reading

Granite Cantilever Dimensions

Whether you are building new or remodeling your existing home, a common question that comes up is the maximum granite cantilever dimension.  Meaning, how far can your granite countertop safely extend past the cabinets or wall below without cracking?  It’s … Continue reading