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Featured House Plan: 9036-00063

Today’s featured house plan represents the perfect family estate — a lovely home for use on any good sized piece of property. The multiple ways this house may be used allow for flexibility and ease of use. What are the … Continue reading

The Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, tell us what you are thankful for! Many around the country seek to give thanks and express gratitude throughout the holiday season. Here are a few things we are grateful for: The opportunity to provide … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 7922-00198

What are a few of your dreams in life? Owning your own business? Traveling to new places? Spending lots of time at your house? Enjoying weekends by working in your yard or reading on a porch? Do you imagine yourself … Continue reading

Making Decisions on Amenities

If you have made the decision to build a brand new house on a piece of property — almost anywhere in the country — three main factors typically go into the final product and eventual outcome: The size of the … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 348-00175

We would like to introduce you to one of our most popular plans — and best of all, it has a video! This house plan is gorgeous, and the best part about the video is that you can actually walk … Continue reading

Why Choose a Best Selling House Plan?

In the process of building a house, deciding upon a plan is one of a thousand decisions you will likely make. Others include decisions about navigating building codes, installing various types of materials, and interior design type issues. When it … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 8504-00085

Today, we bring you one of our newest house plans. This lovely house would be perfect in many areas of the country, but most ideal in a wooded setting — or perhaps a mountain or lakeside setting. It’s beautiful design … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 7922-00147

What are you looking for in a home? Curb appeal? Flexibility? Interior beauty? Classic design? At America’s Best House Plans, we want to help you begin building your dream house by providing you with the highest quality house plans in … Continue reading

The End Goal

Building a house can be an exciting endeavor — but it can also feel like a full time job: exhausting, never ending, and frustrating. Choosing the right house plan and making preparations felt daunting at the time, yes, but actually … Continue reading

Historical House Plans

Is your ideal home one that houses antique treasures, beautiful works of art, and relics from the past? Do you enjoy more traditional floor plans with a vintage look and feel? Are you planning to build a home in an … Continue reading