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An Efficient House Plan

It’s fun to gaze at all the architectural plan choices while thinking through all the possibilities for our future dream home.  But in going through the design process, we sometimes come up with over-the-top ideas that just don’t fit today’s … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 6819-00030

As you seek to build a brand new house, are you also considering the reality of building a large estate style house? Today’s featured house plan provides the grandeur of an estate — one that could easily become a fixture … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 9401-00003

Does a quaint English garden describe your ideal backyard? Do you enjoy the sweet nature of craftsman style details on the front of your house? Do you picture a peaceful, country existence in a house reminiscent of the Lake District … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 034-01039

When you hear the term, “Cabin in the Woods,” what comes to mind? An idyllic setting, a cozy house, and craftsmen style details comprise a complete picture of a simple, peace-filled existence. Whether you are seeking to build a second … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 110-00789

What are the defining characteristics of a Craftsmen Style House Plan? These types of plans feature exquisite details throughout — details such as exposed beams, lovely stone facades, lots of hardwoods throughout, and varied, steeply pitched roofs. Today, America’s Best … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 692-00052

When you picture your ideal lifestyle, what are just a few of the components? If you are like most people, you imagine warm evenings enjoying the stars and an after dinner mug of coffee on an expansive front porch. You … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 575-00062

Are you considering building a new house? Do you reside in a warm, tropical climate in Arizona, Southern California, Texas, or Florida? Many people who live in warm weather favor the Spanish Mediterranean house plan style. Why? This style provides … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 9401-00001

We are pleased to present one of our newest house plans! This beautiful craftsman style house plan provides beautiful interior spaces and a lovely exterior facade. What does your ideal house look like? Is it a cabin-in-the-woods style vacation house? … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 9036-00063

Today’s featured house plan represents the perfect family estate — a lovely home for use on any good sized piece of property. The multiple ways this house may be used allow for flexibility and ease of use. What are the … Continue reading

Featured House Plan: 7806-00010

Today’s featured house plan is a lovely craftsmen country house perfect for any location in the United States. Are you searching for the good life? A quiet existence on a larger piece of party relatively far removed from more populated … Continue reading