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Tag Archives: DIY

Top Three Reasons to Build Your Own Home

The dream of homeownership continues to course through our veins as it has for millennia; the human desire and ability to own a home offers considerable benefits beyond just financial security and comfort. Aside from having a place to store … Continue reading

Install Cabinets Before or After Flooring?

So you’ve decided to build your ultimate dream home and it’s time to put together the construction schedule.  Should you install cabinets before or after flooring?  There are several different views as to which way to go.  When cabinets are … Continue reading

The Time Required to Build Your Own Home

Many people have kicked around the idea of building their own home to save money and get exactly what they want.  But doesn’t this project take an enormous amount of time to manage?  You might be surprised to learn that … Continue reading

Selfies for Your New Build

Building a new home is such a huge event.  Not only are you building something that could be around for a hundred years or more, but you’re also creating the place where your family will grow.  So capturing the build … Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Home

DIY homebuilding is part of a bigger movement where people are choosing to take an active role in creating the life they want.  Savings, pride, and tax benefits are all possible motivations to go the do-it-yourself route.   The two major … Continue reading

Why You Should Hire Yourself as Your Home’s General Contractor

An owner builder is someone who takes on the general contractor role when building their new home.  This option is becoming increasingly more popular as new resources become available to level the playing field for those wanting to take on … Continue reading