Moving Into Your New House

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You have spent years dreaming. You’ve taken months — years even — selecting the perfect house plan for your family, planning, permitting, building, and putting the finishing touches on your brand new home. After what may have seemed like a lifetime, the process is complete, and you are ready to move into your new home. The task may feel overwhelming by this time. Moving yourself (and your family) into the new house, attempting to make it feel like home, is a task that takes a great deal of time, energy, and thought.

Moving Into Your New Home

How can you make this task easier on yourself? What are some things to consider as you move into your new home? Today, we would like to offer a few suggestions as you embark on this great adventure:

  1. Strongly consider hiring an interior designer to help you complete the look and feel of your home. An interior designer will be able to listen to you, assess the furniture, pieces of art, and other decor that you already own. They will help you decorate your new house effectively, placing it in the best light possible. An interior designer can take your new house and make it a true masterpiece — inside and out.
  2. Move in slowly. If at all possible, take time place your pieces in the best places possible within your home. Add things into your new house slowly, and be very selective. Refuse to allow things that are not usable or are unnecessary into your freshly built home.
  3. Clean first. Before you start moving in, consider having your entire house professionally cleaned. Or — even better — enlist your family to help clean the house from top to bottom. It will help you get to know the nooks and crannies of your home and appreciate the craftsmanship it took to build the house even more.
  4. Hang pictures last. After you have played around with the placement of your furniture, purchased and installed rugs throughout your home, and have a reasonable sense of organization, THEN (and only then) hand pictures on the walls. Hanging pictures is a giant responsibility — one that may require the help of a third party (designer or trusted friend). They can impact the look and feel of any room, and can contribute to the continuity of your new home.
  5. Enjoy the process! Your home is finished. Enjoy the process of moving into it, and celebrate what you have accomplished!

America’s Best House Plans wishes you all the best in your new house!


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