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If you have made the decision to build a brand new house on a piece of property — almost anywhere in the country — three main factors typically go into the final product and eventual outcome:

  • The size of the home you are going to build
  • The amenities and quality of materials that are going into the house you decide to build
  • Your overall, finalized budget or proposed monetary outlay

These three factors impact one another. For example, if your budget is set and immovable, the size of the house and the amenities that go into it will be impacted. As another example, if you decide that you want a very large home and have an immovable budget, the quality and level of amenities will be impacted as a result of these decisions.

What Do We Mean By Amenities?

Amenities refer to the materials and features of your new house. For example, you might prioritize poured concrete counter tops, blue stone floors in your kitchen, and built in, custom wood features (book cases, beds, etc.). These are amenities — the extras that make a home unique and customized to your style and tastes. If you love the look of a tile or tin roof, that will impact the overall cost of your home building project.

At America’s Best House Plans, we give approximations — averages — of what it costs to build each one of our house plans from the ground up in various regions of the country. These estimates, of course, are just that. They represent a somewhat accurate understanding and general idea of what it MIGHT cost to build a home with standard features. How, then, does one decide what custom amenities to place in a new home? Here are a few recommendations we have for deciding on amenities and features:

  • Budget. Take a look at the constraints of your budget, and make decisions accordingly. If you have a set, realistic budget for each bathroom and the kitchen, make decisions out of that budget. Be strict with yourself, and choose quality items without going over the top.
  • Prioritize. If there is an area of your home in which you would like to make a bit more luxurious (the master bath, for example), then do so. Put in a deeper bath tub with therapeutic jets, if that is, in fact, a priority.
  • Think big picture. As you make the small decisions, refuse to get overwhelmed. Make the decision, and then move on. Rather than getting bogged down by decisions regarding amenities, think about the bigger picture of what it will be like to live in your new home.

America’s Best House Plans is ready and willing to answer any questions you might have about building a new house! Give us a call — we’d love to hear from you!

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