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The Pros and Cons of Garage Styles

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As you search for your favorite house plan, you might notice the multitude of options for garages. From front entry to detached, there are many different ways to customize your house plan and while the size and layout of your lot influence your garage options, thankfully, all of our house plans can be modified to fit your specific needs and wants.
Like house plans, garages come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. Most options are determined by the location of the entrance to the garage. The majority of house plans include a front entry garage, which is a cheaper option that requires less driveway and a smaller lot. To some people, front entry garages create a less appealing exterior but a more convenient garage set up.

Craftsman 041-00161

The next most popular option – the side entry – moves the garage to the side of the house and thus opens up the exterior to include more windows and eliminates the sometimes unsightly garage doors. Side entry garages do require longer driveways and are more difficult to maneuver with larger vehicles but they also give a bit more privacy.

Mountain 048-00226
The next option for garages is a courtyard entry which creates a wider, larger driveway and allows for a more open concrete area in front of the garage. This does eliminate part of the grassy lawn and may require a larger lot but courtyard entry garages create a unique exterior that many homeowners love.

Modern Farmhouse 963-00152


Drive under garages are an interesting option that usually open to the basement or a large den area. These garages allow homeowners to renovate later in life and turn those garages into useful bedrooms or offices. Drive under garages do make it more difficult to bring things from the garage to the main parts of the house, i.e. groceries because of the need to go upstairs.

Northwest 341-00237


Detached garages can be attached horizontally creating a wider home or they can be built in the back of the house for a more narrow lot. These separate areas can also include space above the garage like a patio, deck or even a separate room. Unfortunately, when the weather is bad, these kinds of garages make it more difficult to get from your home to your car.

Ranch 5633-00213
Some homes, usually those with narrow lots, have a rear entry garage. This option gives the most privacy but also requires the longest driveway and eliminates a good amount of your backyard.

Narrow Lot 7922–00063


Having a carport garage is a completely different way to view a garage. You eliminate the cost of building a garage and give yourself more living space inside the home. However, a carport garage doesn’t fully protect your cars from weather and doesn’t give you a protected space for storage or a workshop.

Country 034-00991


Ultimately, the size and shape of your lot determines your garage options but no matter which choice you pick – front entry, side entry, courtyard, drive under, rear entry or detached – a garage is a necessary and highly useful area of any home, even if you don’t park your cars in them.


To explore house plans with various garage options, click the MORE button next to the SEARCH feature on our website and you can filter your results using the garage types.

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